Graham Taylor Unveils The Sho’ot – The New (And Quite Possibly Fake) Football Boot For Managers

Chris Wright

26th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

I’m pretty sure that someone in an ad department somewhere is pulling my pudding, but it says here that Graham Taylor has helped design and model The Sho’ot (shoe-oot) – a hybrid football boot/studded leather brogue produced to help stop managers slipping over on the touchline

Does he not like that? He should do, he designed the bloody thing

The fact that the Sho’ot has been unveiled in conjunction with the release of the new Football Manager game is probably a decent indicator that there’s a bit of marketing jiggery-pokey afoot here, and I’d call shenanigans if I hadn’t happened to spot that Aldershot manager Dean Holdsworth appeared to be sporting a pair during last night’s match against Manchester United…

Now I just don’t know what to think.