Paris Saint-Germain Order 20,000 David Beckham Shirts, Y’Know? Just In Case

Chris Wright

27th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Though he’ll almost definitely be joining for the football, Paris Saint-Germain have jumped the gun slightly and ordered 20,000 David Beckham™ shirts just in case David Beckham™ should join them when his contract at LA Galaxy dwindles in November.

According to French radio station RTl, the club’s uber-rich Qatari owners have placed an emergency order with the team’s kit supplier, Nike, and the shirts are due to arrive next month – despite Beckham going on record as saying he doesn’t have any designs on uprooting his family again after putting down roots in Los Angeles, in fact one of his sprogs (the eldest? Brooklyn?) has just signed on with the Galaxy’s U13 squad.

Provided it isn’t cobblers, the mind boggles as to what PSG are going to do with 20,000 replica shirts emblazoned with the name of a player that’s never been anywhere near their club.

May I suggest Ebay?