Fancy Having Legendary Status At Wembley? £50 Will See You Immortalised On Wembley Way

Chris Wright

27th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

As your local supermarket is probably keen to remind you every fart’s end, it’s Christmas in two short months and what what better way to let your nearest and dearest know that they mean the world to you this Yuletide than by buying them a paving slab?

Not just any paving slab mind – a paving slab adorned with a personalised message, dedication or memory that will be set in Wembley Way and remain on display outside the national stadium until the end of time, or at least until the sun burns out and polished granite becomes currency in the hellish nocturnal dystopia that prevails thereafter…

I’m pretty sure they’ll let you have your own name on yours

A small (20cm x 10cm) stone will set you back 50 of your English pounds, though if one little slab isn’t enough, both large and double stones are also available for £95 and £149 respectively – with a top-end ‘England/Wembley crest celebration stone’ also offered (presumably modelled on Fabio Capello’s huge granite face) for those with £495 to fritter away on pavement…

So, fancy getting stoned outside Wembley for Christmas? Lord knows they’ve got to pay for the stadium somehow, so check out the official Wembley site for more details if you’re interested in attaining pavement-based immortality.