Gareth Bale Poses In New British Olympic Football Kit, Welsh FA Not Too Happy About It

Chris Wright

29th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Gareth Bale has posed in the new kit that the British football team will be sporting at the Olympics next year as part of an Adidas promo campaign and it’s safe to say that the Welsh FA are particularly happy about it.

Their chief exec, Jonathan Ford, told the BBC:

“Gareth can make his own choices and make his own decisions. But we are not going to stop anyone playing, but our position remains unchanged. We are not for Team GB.”

On the plus side, the kit (which is a limited edition version of the final design) looks friggin’ sweet, no?

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  1. Joe says:

    Nice kit, logo’s a bit shit but I’m glad Adidas haven’t put their pikey stripes all over the thing

  2. COYS says:

    besides the use of the term “pikey” I agree.

    thank fuck there are no stripes….

    can’t wait to see what the good ‘ol USA comes out with.

    NIKE btw,

  3. MaxMad says:

    Very swish.

  4. KingEric7 says:

    Tell you what then, if you hate having anything to do with the rest of Great Britain so much why don’t you jut annex yourselves and become totally reliant on your own economy then?

  5. Maik says:

    Is anyone else scared shitless by that pic?

  6. COYS says:

    Maik, besides G. Bale being stunningly good looking and kinda looking like a soldier model….

    nah not scarded poopless at all.

    he is one of my fav footballers…

    yeah yeah, fuck off… who gives a fuck if this season he isnt as good as he was last… he’s still better then half the guys in the prem.

  7. COYS says:


    maybe if ENGLAND didn’t rape, pillage and murder countless people from Scotland, Rep.Ireland, N. Ireland and Wales those places may have been self sufficient.

    but no, the welsh took it in the ass and just excepted the tyrants taking over their land.

    now look at wales…

    brothers and sister are fucking in train station elevators and whoring them selfs out for 20 pounds…

    GREAT B isnt so great is it?..

    I do love England tho, but someone has to set people like you straight. learn some proper history.

  8. Hasselhof says:

    Looks like Garth is none too happy about it as well.

  9. Kevin Barry says:


    now there’s clever boyo!

  10. Mr. Sparkle says:

    The kit looks like a bit like a cycling top.

  11. Sultan says:

    @ Mr. took the words out of my mouth..!

  12. vans says:

    Seems ridiculous that the Welsh FA would care so much, or is that all they have to worry about?

  13. Dr. Robredo says:

    Shit Shirt

  14. mtm says:

    what a crap shirt as well as all this deluded english and their cronies idea about “great britain” – non existent state – there is no such thing like great britain there is scotland, wales and england, and northern ireland is illegaly occupied by english piesces of s*hit it’s belongs to ireland, and last but not least england is such a shithole full of complete brainwashed morons thinking that europe its at fault of everything thats wrong here. btw all this team gb thing will collapse for sure it’ll be 10 english players + traitor bales. and kingeric you total knobhead – it’s england who robs all natural resources and taxes of welsh , scotish and irish people you moron!!!

  15. Rory says:

    Rank jersey and I dunno why Bale would want the hassle he’s gonna get by playing for team GB.

  16. Alex says:

    Would team GB underperform to the same level as England?

  17. dc says:

    nahhhh… you guys got it all wrong, Team GB isn’t “Team Great Britain,” it’s “Team Gareth Bale”….

  18. Boyo says:

    mtm – calm down boyo

  19. Great information provided. I appreciate your work.

  20. Applemask says:

    Gareth Bale is proudly Welsh. He could have played for England, but he turned his back with such force he knocked over Glenn Johnson. And yet, despite his patriotism, he’s not so unpardonably CHILDISH as to refuse to play in a temporary British side that will only exist for a single fortnight. Good for him.

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