Mexican Club Jaguares Replace Shirt Names With Player’s Twitter Addresses

Chris Wright

1st, November 2011


By Chris Wright

Oh, these heady times in which we live.

A couple of weeks after Valencia swapped their shirt sponsor for the club’s Twitter address, Mexican Premeira Division outfit Jaguares have leapt aboard the high-speed train to Futuresville by replacing the names on their player’s shirts with their respective Twitter handles along with the account of the club’s main sponsor, Cerveza Sol beer.

Said a spokesman on behalf of the club:

“Conscious of the age we live in, where we can all stay in touch through the Internet no matter how distant.

“In football as in life, 140 characters are enough to decide which side you’re on.”

There’s a quote for the ages.

Via Goal

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  1. Jay says:

    Lol….this is great. Players can firmly put themselves in the shop window with this with agents getting in contact with them directly. Maybe the players can give buisiness cards at the end of the game too :D (Tongue firmly placed in cheek)

    Na, but seriously, all pessimism aside, I think it’s great the players are trying to connect with fans directly through this method.

    Good on Jaguares!

  2. fatboy says:

    They should also use QR codes instead of numbers though. Lazy cunts!

  3. Mr. Sparkle says:

    They’re using twitter usernames because they need more room for sponsors on those shirts.

  4. JAY says:

    @Mr Sparkle, how’d you figure? Plenty of teams e.g Bayern put names underneath the numbers if the club name or sponser’s on top like in this case.

  5. wolfinho says:

    white letters on a light blue background, surrounded by bright orange. yeah, good idea, but maybe make the addresses more readable next time.

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