Nigel Adkins Sacked By Southampton, Mauricio Pochettino Immediately Steps Into Breach

Chris Wright

18th, January 2013


By Chris Wright

Southampton have sacked manager Nigel Adkins and brought former Espanyol manager Mauricio Pochettino in as his immediate replacement.

Adkins, who of course took charge just two-and-a-half years ago with the club in League One, leaves with Southampton in 15th place in the Premier League, three points from the dotted line though only four points from mid-table.

Not that we were ever that fond of his team-building jargon and his slightly off-putting middle-management demeanour, but still it’s a great shame to see Adkins canned like this – especially as Southampton are currently pootling along quite nicely in the league. He should’ve at least been given the chance to keep the club up this season.

We assume it’s a move on the Saints directors’ part to establish some connections in La Liga, much in the same way that Michael Laudrup has done at Swansea, though whether or coming to play for Pochettino (who was no great shakes at Espanyol by all accounts) will prove to have the same allure.


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  1. One Man Went to Mow says:

    Price you pay when you can’t even beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge these days.

  2. yolo says:

    Fecking tired of everybody bringing in Spanish coaches, players, and just wanting that Spanish connection in their club.
    They think Pochetino will go all Guardiola on Soton and teach em how to play tiki-taka?
    Its not the be all, end all of football, matter of fact its quite boring, that’s why Spain has one of the lowest scored goals for World/Euro winners.
    I hope they get relegated now for not sticking to the man who took this club an entire 45 places in two years.
    Give me Dutch style totalvoetbal any day instead of these diving pansies and their endless passing bullshit

  3. KingB3113 says:

    @One Man Went to Mow that comment is outrageous mate! Hahaha

  4. Wilma says:


    He’s Argentinian.

  5. Kingsland101 says:


  6. Ss says:

    Cortese is a one man board remember.. There are no directors and the owners’ family only have stake in the club but aren’t involved.

    Everything he has done previously has paid dividends. Time will tell how he does. All saints fans are fooling themselves if they thought Nigel could take up to the top top, he’s a quality bloke but as he hasn’t been a manager for long he dosent have enough experience.

    Ill give this new guy 5 games to impress me. There was a piece I read on him somewhere which said he’s very well respected in Spain as he did well with zero budget and having to keep selling his top players every season.

  7. Vasko says:

    It still amazes me how quickly clubs go through managers for no particular reason at all. Look at Sir Alex in his early years, or Everton under David Moyes right now. You stick with a man through tough times and good things will come eventually.

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