‘Our Relationship Goes Deeper Than Friendship’ – Eric Abidal Reveals Dani Alves Offered To Donate His Liver To Him

Chris Wright

16th, September 2013


By Chris Wright

Spain Soccer Champions League

When Eric Abidal left Barcelona for Monaco in the summer, Dani Alves switched from his long-held no.2 shirt number and took up the French defender’s old no.22 squad number as a mark of respect to the man who made a miraculous return to professional football after first being diagnosed with liver cancer and then undergoing a life-saving liver transplant within the space of two years.

However, it would appear that the bond between the former Barca full-back pairing runs a little deeper than that, with Abidal revealing that Alves offered to donate his liver to help save his good friend’s life.

Abidal told Catalunya Radio:

“My relationship with Dani goes much further than him taking my old No.22 shirt. When I had to undergo surgery, he offered to donate his liver.

“Of course, it’s completely out of the question because he is a professional footballer. Our relationship goes much deeper than friendship.”

The cynic in us wonders if Alves’ donating his liver wouldn’t just be solving one problem by creating another, but we shouldn’t scoff at the heroic, selfless gesture.

Make no mistake, Dani Alves has just gone up ten-fold in our estimation.

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  1. :) says:

    I think he means he could donate part of his liver. Very big gesture – the cynic in me says he probably got to jump to the front of the queue for a liver too. But I’m a pessimist

  2. KEL says:

    Don’t be so cynical – Abidal got his donated liver from a family member (a cousin, I believe), so he didn’t have to wait in any queue for a random suitable donor to appear. That’s normal practice for liver and kidney transplants.

  3. Mustapha says:

    Dani Alves is not the smartest guy around is he?

  4. Chris says:

    Mustapha, Livers regenerate themselves. So by Alves giving half (if they were a match), they could have both go on to having fully functional Livers. Pretty damn smart!

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