Real Madrid Set To Sack Rafa Benitez Because Nothing Is Ever Good Enough For Them

Chris Wright

4th, January 2016



It’s not quite officially official yet but the writing is most definitely on the wall for Rafa the Gaffer, with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez calling an ’emergency meeting’ with his soon-to-be latest ex-coach this afternoon. That usually only means one thing.

The Spanish press is awash with speculation that Benitez is in the process of being canned with Real lolloping way down in third in La Liga, two points behind Barcelona and only four points behind league leaders Atletico Madrid. Shameful stuff.

In fairness, the general mood has not been good in the Real camp since Rafa’s arrival, which in itself was treated as a massive anticlimax by the most spoiled, tantrum-prone fans in world football.

Before you go getting excited about the plants aligning for Jose Mourinho’s bombastic return to the Bernabeu, it’s being widely reported by prominent sources that Zinedine Zidane will be stepping up from the Castilla to take over as and when Benitez is punted out of the door at Valdebebas.

The cosmic ballet… goes on.

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  1. iRant says:

    Trolls of the world, vacate your bridge, we have a new target.

    The footballing equivalent of a vacuous, entitled princess. How I detest that club. And to pre-empt the moronic hordes of Barca, you can all do one too, you supercilious tossers.

    Ah, nothing quite like being smoke-free.

  2. Juan Camilo Ortiz says:

    This man had everything against him throughout his course. Even though Benitez registered his best stats during his stay (as in amount of points) even better than the 2004 Valencia, he had no support from either the players or fans. Ancelotti getting sacked made his entry a very unpleasant one for everyone. Only Florentino gave Benitez the support, until his little ego was challenged as fans went hardcore against him.

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