Hard To Stomach: Barcelona-Based Broadcasters TV3 Airbrush Out Cristiano Ronaldo’s Six-Pack

Alan Duffy

14th, July 2016


Catalan TV station TV3 have been caught Photoshopping out Cristiano Ronaldo’s fine set of abs in a rather bizarre (and pathetic) example of the ridiculous animosity between the followers of La Liga rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid.

In a report on Euro 2016 winner Ronaldo, TV3 showed a photo of the Portuguese superstar, shirtless (as usual) but also six-pack-less. The station had blatantly Photoshopped out the striker’s famed stomach muscles in an act of utter childishness.

The photo was picked up by Real Madrid’s official TV channel, who are hardly angels themselves when it comes to petty anti-Barcelona nonsense. However, TV3’s (rather rubbish) photo-fiddling really does take the biscuit…

Poor old Ronaldo looked to be missing a belly button as well in the doctored photo. What a load of nonsense!

Why didn’t they just go the whole hog and face-swap him with Neville Southall?

One wonders if they also do the opposite with their local hero Lionel Messi and add on a bit of extra muscle and maybe a few inches?