La Liga Will Fine Any Club Whose Stands Are Seen To Be Less Than 75% Full During Televised Matches

Chris Wright

4th, August 2016



As of the start of the new season, La Liga will be able to fine any club whose stands are seen to be less than 75% full during televised matches.

The regulations will only apply to stands that are visible on television, because the way it looks is much more important than the way it functions.

The plans were first floated back in May, when it was reported that La Liga executives were keen to introduce the measures in order to present their product in the most flattering light possible so as to compete with the ever-growing popularity (and wealth) of the Premier League, the most marketable league in the world.

After several months of deliberation, the scheme has now been put in place – as confirmed by Ed Maylon, the Mirror’s Spanish and European football correspondent…

Presumably it’s going to be one bloke’s job to sit their and count the empty seats on display. What fun.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy work-around available…


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  1. Geraldo says:

    If the Premier League ever decides to implement this measure it will cost Manchester City a fortune…

  2. Anonymous says:

    never occurred to them that stands are empty because everyone is at home watching it on telly then

  3. Maria says:

    There are two issues here. One, the interesting games are expensive. Two, no one wants to see the smaller clubs. There are empty seats as fans are being priced out, or there just aren’t 30,000 who want to see Alavés vs Eibar.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m assuming all the monies collected in fines will be donated to the bank accounts of real Madrid and Barcelona then?!

  5. Justin Sane says:

    This is what happens when psychopaths are allowed into the upper echelons of business, which is primarily what football is these days. A genuine meritocracy cannot exist on planet Earth until this issue is vehemently addressed.

    Psychopathy is a mental illness. Don’t let it ruin lives.

  6. Paul says:

    Why can’t the local people of these teams actually support “their local team” instead of jumping on the Real & Barca bus. There was a La Liga game last season with just 4,000 in attendance which is a major cause of concern. They need to actually do something proactive instead of fining teams and sweeping the major issue under the rug.

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