Modern Football Is Rubbish: La Liga Confirm US Fixture Will Be Barcelona Versus Girona, Played At Hard Rock Stadium In Miami

Chris Wright

4th, September 2018


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As previously threatened, La Liga have confirmed that the actual competitive Spanish league fixture played in the United States will be a Catalan derby between Barcelona and Girona.

Despite protests from players unions and the like, the league are pressing on and as such the aforementioned match has now been scheduled to take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, home of the Dolphins, on 27th January.

Currently embarking on only their second ever season in the Spanish top flight, Girona have given up their home game to go and play Barca in Florida.

They are also the club being bankrolled by the City Football Group, who also own Man City, New York City, Melbourne City as they continue to commandeer assets in all footballing markets around the world.

According to Sport, 1,500 free flights will be laid on for season ticket holders of both clubs, which can be secured with a €500 deposit that will be returned after the trip, and subsidised overnight accommodation will also be available.

Should Girona fans not wish to make the 15,000-kilometre voyage, there is a “possibility” of 5,000 free tickets being made available for their away trip to the Camp Nou on 23rd September and a 20% refund on the price of their season tickets.

Should supporters not wish to go to Florida or the Camp Nou, a 40% refund will be offered on season tickets.

Sport also calculate that Girona alone could stand to make “up to €4million” from allowing their home game to be hijacked and taken to America, with Barcelona likely to make a shed-load more such is the lay of the land/revenue situation in Spanish football.

Modern football is indeed incredibly rubbish.

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  1. Jake says:

    Should be Valladolid giving up a home match, that way no one has to play on that abysmal pitch

  2. Straight Dave says:

    “Sport also calculate that Girona alone could stand to make “up to €4million” from allowing their home game to be hijacked and taken to America”

    So I think it’s fair to say that next summer Girona will be buying a 16-year old kid that nobody’s heard of from Man City for approximately €4m then?

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