Classy Snapshot: Real Madrid Line Up In ‘Forza Cassano’ Shirts Before Battering Osasuna

Chris Wright

7th, November 2011


By Chris Wright

Real Madrid sent a message of support to a former member of their number before their game against Osasuna this weekend, turning out in ‘Forza Cassano’ shirts hours after the Milan forward left hospital to begin his rehab from heart surgery…

A little bit ‘touchy-feely’ in execution, but the sentiment’s coming from the right place.

Madrid promptly destroyed Osasuna 7-1 to go three points clear at the top of La Liga (an injury-time Lionel Messi equaliser saw Barca nab a draw against Athletic Bilbao), with Cristiano Ronaldo grabbing his 12th hat-trick for the Spanish giants and Karim Benzema (2), Gonzalo Higuain and Pepe fleshing out the rout…

Image: Gazzetta

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  1. ee says:

    “Hey look at what I found, an old stock of unused shirts from last season, what should we do with it ?”

    “Well I don’t know … we’re known as a**holes, maybe we could give them out to some school to look good”

    “Meh, I’m not sure … Anyway, we only have 11 of them, that would not be enough for a school”

    “Oh wait I know, isn’t some player we fired couple years ago sick or something ? We could wish him luck on his rehabilitation”

    “Mmmmh, you might be right, I’ll check the name of the guy, let’s do this”

  2. Nuno says:

    @ee: you, Sir, are a cunt… better stay shut if you’re thinking on only saying stupid things like those…
    It’s always a nice gesture to see, given Cassano’s problems.

  3. ee says:

    fuck off Nuno … seriously, it’s so calculated it just makes me sick. They could have send a signed shirt directly to him but no no no, you HAVE to do that on TV, especially at The game that starts early just for the asian market.

    I’m all for Cassano’s healing, my grandmother passed away after suffering the same thing. So fuck off, I’m not joking about a sick man. I’m just degusted by the whole marketing thing.

    And for a 3rd time (I don’t usually insult someone just like that but since the C word), fuck off.

  4. anon says:

    @ee degusted haha

  5. Chris says:

    Well, ee, not sure you know very much about those particular players up there. The one that reportedly suggested the idea (I know, you think that’s bullsh*t) travels to third world counrtries on all of his holidays as a Unicef embassador and has set up charity foundations with three other players in that picture to promote football and hold campuses for children of poverty stricken villages. Not sure how much charity work most 24 yr. old football stars do but I kind of believe he may have actually set this up just as he did the Abidal t-shirts.

  6. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Good on Real.

    But the real question here is, where is Ozul’s hand?

  7. ee says:

    @Chris, I don’t think the players are evil and have respect for the one who take time to help foundations, I really do.

    I just notice that this message could be a perfect idea from their communication cell. I don’t really believe the idea came from a player, no I don’t. But it’s just how I feel.

    Intended or not, it does give a better image to the club (let’s type “cassano real madrid support” on google and look at the comments on articles… ok, first result just look … Intended or not, it worked…

  8. Nuno says:

    So because “they’re know as assholes”, they can’t just send this message? Maybe for some people to be aware of the situation? Maybe because many people who watched the game didn’t know what happened to Cassano?
    I’m just sick of all these “they’ve done a good deed, they are just attention seekers trying to improve their image”. Nowadays people can’t just do good actions people are always saying “he’s just trying to get publicity towards himself”.
    Who told you they didn’t send him something? Apparently this was an idea from one of the players, why shouldn’t Real do it? Some of the players of Real squad played with him and Mourinho knew him from Italy.
    If you are a Barça fan just say already, I would know this argument leads to nowhere, but according to Mourinho: “My idea? No, my idea was to call him to ask how he was doing, because Antonio is someone who I like; we have a good relationship. The idea of the jersey came from the players and was very well received at the club, because some of them played with Cassano at Madrid, and even those who don’t know him directly appreciate his recognised charm.”

  9. Bubba says:

    @ee Right now Barca are the ones known as a-holes. The things with diving and ref helping them out kind of stuff makes them top dog in that department.

  10. Bubba says:

    @ee add in the whole cesc ordeal and you’ll see alot of people hate Barca more than any other club now these days

  11. R-Hops says:

    Simply, Real Madrid wanted to wish one of their former players a speedy recovery from a serious ailment. It doesnt matter if they do it on television, in the public eye or directly to Cassano himself. The only important thing is Antonio Cassano recovering quickly and regaining his health and fitness, and I for one salute Real Madrid for the gesture. Get Well Soon Mr. Cassano!

  12. big mean bunny says:

    despite what you think of them they clearly have more class that you ee, disgraceful opening comment.

  13. dld says:

    Sergio Ramos, who came up with the idea, is a friend of Cassano’s – this is not just a case of shouting out to a random player – Cassano is a former teammate and friend of theirs. They also did t-shirts when teammate Higuain was recovering from surgery and together with Lyon at a Champions League match last season, they wore Animo Abidal shirts in support of Eric Abidal. They were told they couldn’t wear the shirt and all willingly took a fine to express their support.

    It’s sad that you’re so cynical, ee.

  14. Lauro Jones says:

    They all are the other kind of Planet… Halla Madri

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