Snapshot: Granada vs Mallorca Abandoned After Linesman Hit In The Face By Umbrella

Chris Wright

21st, November 2011


By Chris Wright

Last night’s La Liga tie between Granada and Mallorca was called off after an hour or so after one of the linesman, Aguilar Rodriguez, had his face busted open (he suffered a suspected fractured cheek bone) by an umbrella thrown from the stands…

With Granada 2-1 up at the time after coming from behind and looking on course for a much-needed win considering how pap they’ve been this season, referee Clos Gomez stopped play after seeing his colleague getting brollied over in the corner of the ground, immediately marching from the field – taking his assistants and Granada’s three points with him.

Here’s some fairly crap video footage of the incident…

Via Dirty Tackle

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  1. Dragan says:

    This kind of thing kills the game of football and makes me sad. but i like to see the refs taking action like this… Its a sport played for the enjoyment of the game and stadiums are built for fans to come and watch and enjoy. if the fans cannot behave then the teams should refuse to play in front of them! Coin throwing and suchlike should cause games to be stopped.. if crowds will act like animals they dont deserve to watch the beautiful game!

  2. Jimbo says:

    glad that they abandoned the game…. plenty of scum fans in la liga, should be punished

  3. Col says:

    Love the fact you put this in the “Hardmen” section!

    Also, that footage is really woeful.

  4. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Of all the things to throw at a person, a shoe and an umbrella are probably the most pathetic.

  5. werderbremen_rulez says:

    This kind of bullying needs to stop – it kills the game.

    In related matters: all those stoopid shenannigans Mourinho (and others) frequently display in the coaching zone and beyond – their relentless bitching ag. the work of linesmen and ref’s as well their nasty verbal abuses – needs more punishing pronto – it is NOT part of the game as I have come to like and respect it. It’s pathetic and uncool. Stopthatshyte.

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