Snapshot: ‘Todo Al Blanco’ – Real Madrid Fans Unfurl Collosal ‘Casino’ Tifo Display vs Atletico Madrid

Chris Wright

29th, November 2011


By Chris Wright

Real Madrid fans unfurled this almighty casino-themed tifo during their side’s 4-1 win in the Madrid derby on Saturday which, call me cynical, may just have been laid on by the club’s principle sponsors – an online betting firm.

Anyway, corporate tie-ins aside, it was a sight to behold. Less a tifo, more a military operation…

You can click on this ‘ere thumbnail a couple of times for the full-size image, which may give you a better indication of the scale of this thing – the fact that it’s dwarfing the Bernabeu should not be taken lightly here…

That said, I think I still prefer this one from a Madrid derby a few years ago, if only for it’s creative flaunting of several copyright infringements – “Every derby is your worst nightmare” or something along those lines…

Image: Reddit/AC