Paris Restaurant Add €30 ‘Zlatan Ibrahimovic Burger’ To Menu, 600g Of Pure Swedish Beef

Chris Wright

1st, October 2013


By Chris Wright


Seeking to offer a meat-based sacrifice to the Almighty Zlatan to avoid him ransacking their city and pillaging their livestock, a Parisian restaurant have added a 600-gramme ‘Zlatan Ibrahimovic’ burger to their menu which is, in their own words, “so big even Chuck Norris couldn’t fit it in his mouth.”

The McZlatan will set you back a hearty €30 (roughly £25) which is almost certainly not value for money, but if you order and eat one while wearing a Zlatan sweater then we’re fairly sure the proprietors are legally obliged to refund your money and fan you with palm fronds for the entirety of your meal before hoisting you aloft and escorting you from the premises in a giant golden sedan throne.

(Image via @ProZlatan)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Chuck Norris doesn’t eat the burger. The burger surrenders and jumps in his mouth.

  2. le boss says:

    it actually says “to share, although Chuck Norris has it in a mouthful”

  3. Andy Carroll's ponytail says:

    Chuck Norris didn’t eat the burger. He pummelled Zlatan into the patty.

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