Incest, Fake Age And Sacrificial Murder: Former Ligue 1 Footballer Makes Series Of Extraordinary ‘Confessions’ As Part Of Church Ceremony

Chris Wright

20th, August 2018


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A former Ligue 1 player has made a series of extraordinary confessions that include lying about his age and the possibility of his mother being “sacrificed” to help further his footballing career.

Shiva N’Zigou (right, above), a Gabon international who played in France with Nantes and Riems between 2000 and 2010, made the claims as part of a “Christian confession ceremony”, according to Get French Football News (GFFN).

Firstly, N’Zigou revealed that his is actually five years older than he claimed to be during his career, meaning he is now 39/40 while the birth date on his passport would make him 34/35.

The former winger also admitted to having incestuous “relations” with his aunt and his sister, as well as several relationships with men

I had [sexual] relations with my aunt. These relations happened again with my sister. I slept with my sister.

I slept with a man. And I had another long-term relationship also with a man.

Not finished, N’Zigou also let slip that his father killed his mother as a “spiritual sacrifice” to help their son achieve his dreams, though it’s also speculated that his father may have simply murdered his wife in order to keep all the money his son made for himself.

N’Zigou is actually listed in the FIFA record books as the youngest player to score at the African Cup of Nations (a consolation goal for Gabon in a 3-1 defeat against South Africa in 2000).

However, rather than being 16 years and 93 days as claimed, it since transpires that he was probably at least 21 at the time.

Cracking stuff (except the incest and the sacrificial murder, of course).

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  1. SangVieux says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the next President of the United States.

  2. Tuckers says:

    How african.

    • Comfy Chair says:

      It’s good to know that you read the article. I honestly didn’t know racists could read. I always thought that was why they were so f*cking stupid. I stand corrected! Thanks.

      • An African says:

        Actually, as an “African” I can confirm that most players reduce their ages by between 5 and 8 years, especially before moving to play abroad. This has been normal practice for as long as I can remember (from before 1998).

        • PetrovskyKSC says:

          Might be the case, yes, but considering ritual murder and incest as typically african is just disgracefully ignorant and racist.

        • Franny says:

          Fair point but I wonder if this chap has a book coming out soon? He seems a parody of a toxic stereotype of the troubled African player. Sacrifices, Fake ages, incest, what next? Witchcraft? He didn’t have shoes until he was 15 and/or 20 years old?

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