Pies Classics: Top 15 One-Club Footballers

Ollie Irish

26th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish


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Raul, Real Madrid 1994-

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  1. Glenn says:

    even though he’s retired now i think le tiss should have a special mention. it was often said that he’d be an england regular if he’s have gone to a bigger club (and there were plenty that would have took him), but he stayed true to southampton.
    to a lesser extent, the same could be said about kevin nolan

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    le tiss certainly deserves a mention, although the list features only current players. Thx for your comments, Ollie.

  3. Dan says:

    How about Gerrard? If Carragher made the list Gerrard can’t be far off

  4. patrick says:

    le tissier was a lazy f who wasn’t prepared to go to a bigger club and fight for a place in the starting XI

  5. Tommy says:

    guti is a great choice, he could be in the top XI at most squads around europe and he has stuck with r.m. he may be a bit inconsistent but hes a joy to watch play sometimes. like the very cheeky backheel assist he had last year. can anybody find that clip and post it?

  6. FB says:

    Paul Scholes will be the man to bring Oldham Athletic back to the premiership!!!!!!
    Up the Latics!

  7. charlie says:

    errr….JT anyone??? far better than fucking carragher

  8. Jamesey says:

    I don’t know if you can count Cobi Jones, but I’d like to submit him anyway. Before MLS started in 1996, he had stints in Brasil (Vasco) and England (Coventry.) Once the LA Galaxy formed, he was the first player named to the squad, and he’s the only MLS player remaining on his original team from the first season of the league. He is Mr. LA Galaxy.

  9. Pete Worst says:

    Terry had a loan stint with Nottingham Forrest in 2000. Still technically a member of Chelsea though.
    You could also argue that Giggs started out with Man City youth club. Though Totti played for numerous youth clubs as well. Just matters how technical you want to get I guess.
    Stevie G should definitely be on this list, probably first, he’s never going anywhere and no one on the list has ever been as highly valued as him right now.

  10. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    No, youth clubs don’t count – nor loan spells. Terry and Stevie G both still too young to figure, but definitely came into the reckoning.
    Charlie, I wouldn’t say JT is ‘far better’ than Carra – better, yes, but not far better.

  11. Joe says:

    Better than Carra? Don’t make me laugh. I’d rather have Zat Knight than John Terry.
    And to the guy who badmouthed Matt Le Tiss, go wash your mouth. Players like Le Tiss (and also Frank Worthington, Rodney Marsh, Stan Bowles, Glenn Hoddle) are the reason England will never win anything: our shit-for-brains coaches are always wary of genuine creativity, whilst in Brazil they are put on pedestals and worshipped like gods.

  12. bryn says:

    Puyol for Barca……..

  13. joe says:

    Rather have Zat Knight than John Terry? The FA might want to have a word with you.

  14. steve says:

    where is stevie g on this list? i gess he’s to young that cud be my only explanation

  15. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Come on Joe, Zat Knight is not better than Terry. Not even Fulham fans would say that!

  16. Joe says:

    It’s a hyperbole, what I’m trying to say is Terry isn’t THAT good.

  17. Dan says:

    Let’s be careful not to overrate Carragher – I have no doubt he’s good, but if you think about it it’s only Liverpool fans who would put him in the England side. Terry, Ferdinand, Woodgate are far superior

  18. bryn says:

    i’m not a liverpool fan but i’d like to see him in the england starting XI. terry is better but i’d like to see him in over rio. rio has too many lapses in concentration and you always have the feeling that he isn’t satisfied in defence – he’d much rather be further up the pitch

  19. joe1 says:

    lol zat knight XD
    and hoddle was actually a really good manager, but his wierdness let him down.
    carra for me is JT’s northern doppleganger.. not much to seperate them at all really, except maybe JT is a better leader..
    gerrard cant be on the list because he WOULD have moved to chelski if he didnt get those death threats ;P

  20. Jay says:

    I think Terry is too often a blunt instrument, especially for England. He just looks a bit off the pace of the game as a centre back, Rio always seems a lot more solid to me. And Carra is just immense, both for club and country. A defending Gerrard, if you like.

  21. zaid says:

    Del Piero.. he turns down Man Utd for serie B..