Top 10 Goals Of The 2013 Confederations Cup (Videos)

Chris Wright

2nd, July 2013


By Greg Evans

There was 68 goals scored at the Confederations Cup this year, this being in no small part due to Tahiti’s inclusion, with the Pacific island minnows managing to ship a hefty 24 of those in the space of three games. God bless ’em!

Anyway, the overall standard of the goals at the tournament has been, as Mr Partridge would say, “first class”, with surgically-precise team goals, individual flashes of brilliance and a healthy dose of superb set-pieces for us to drool over.

Here’s Pies’ pick of the top ten…

10. Jonatahn Tehau (Tahiti) vs Nigeria

Included purely on sentimental grounds. Playing at their first ever major international tournament, the eldest of Tahiti’s Tehau clan rose at the back stick and headed home what will undoubtedly be the most revered goal in Tahitian football folklore for a good long while…

9. Neymar (Brazil) vs Spain

A quick shimmy on the edge of the area, a perfect return pass from Oscar to pop open the offside trap and then KABOOM CITY…

8. Emanuele Giaccherini (Italy) vs Brazil

Route one football at its most exquisite. Long ball from Gigi Buffon, a deft little flick over his own bonce from Mario Balotelli (who injured himself in the process) and then a sweetly dispatched low hard drive from Giaccherini. Big Sam would be proud…

7. Diego Forlan (Uruguay) vs Nigeria

You can always rely on Diego to unleash a battering ram when you need one, and good old Goldibollocks delivered with gusto…

6. Alessandro Diamanti (Italy) vs Uruguay

The first of two great free kicks in the third/fourth play-off game, in which the former West Ham striker beautifully wafts a curling dead ball up and over the wall…

5. Luis Suarez (Uruguay) vs Spain

Divine free kicks were present in abundance at this tournament and Luis Suarez threw his name into the hat with this delightful effort to momentarily relieve the pressure amid La Celeste’s torrid night against the Spanish…

4. Neymar (Brazil) vs Mexico

Everybody loves a volley. Neymar knows this…

3. Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) vs Italy

Chelsea fans will be hoping to see a bit more of this at the Bridge next season if they successfully land the big hairy Uruguayan between now and September. METROPOLITAN BOROUGH OF KABLAMO!!!

2. Andrea Pirlo (Italy) vs Mexico

Pirlo + Maracana + 100th cap + hovering over a 25-year freekick + goal = pure footballing porn….

1. Neymar (Brazil) vs Japan

Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say “that was farking brilliant”. To do this just three minutes into a major tournament is and was just outrageous. Neymar 1, Japan 0, Critics 0…

Can’t believe we’re saying this but an honourable mention must go to Nigeria’s John Obi Mikel for his “twist, jink and fire” scorcher against Uruguay in the group stage. Who knew Chelsea’s largely inert holding man was capable of pulling off something like that, eh?

Any particular pearlers we’ve missed Pies fans?