Pies Classics: Top 10 Celebrity Football Triallists

Ollie Irish

23rd, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

Football-loving celebrities bore the arse off me. Ooh, there’s Robbie Williams gurning in a Port Vale shirt! Oh, and look at Ant & Dec swigging bottled beer in a sponsors’ box at St James’ Park! And, yes, Ralf Little, you’re a half-decent defender (by celeb standards) but stick to what you do best – hang on, what exactly is it you do best? Turning up for celebrity five-aside tournaments, it seems.

Anyway, the 10 celebs listed below get my respect because they actually had trials at a proper professional club. Some of the names you’ll know already; some will come as a big surprise…


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Angus Deayton (Crystal Palace)
 - Yes, that Angus Deayton, the smug one who used to host Have I Got News For You. No, I can't quite believe it either. Had a trial with Palace when he was 12, apparently.

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  1. mof gimmers says:

    Two rumours of worthy note are Paul John Paul II’s footballing days, and existentialist, Albert Camus. Naturally, I’m far too lazy to check.

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