Top ten highest-paid footballers in the world

Ollie Irish

2nd, April 2007


ronaldinho.jpgForbes has just released its list of the top ten best-paid footballers in the world. The list runs as follows:
1 Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
Total earning: £16m

The toothy Brazilian has overtaken David Beckham as football’s top earner.
2 David Beckham (Real Madrid)
Total earning: £15.8m

It’s been a long time since Becks occupied anything other than the top spot, but his mega-deal with the LA Galaxy should see him regain the top spot next year.

3 Ronaldo (AC Milan)
Total earning: £12.7m

His star is on the wane, but the second toothy Brazilian on this list is still a genuine superstar.
4 Wayne Rooney (Man Utd)
Total earning: £9.3m

Rooney will never have the broad appeal of a star like Beckham, but neither will he go short of a bob.
5 Michael Ballack (Chelsea)
Total earning: £9.1m

If it somehow seems unfair that Ballack earns this much money, that’s beacuse yes, it is unfair.

6 Thierry Henry (Arsenal)
Total earning: £8.6m

Earns more than £100,000 a week at Arsenal and plenty of endorsements (Va Va Voom etc.) keep the cash rolling in.

7 Zinedine Zidane (retired)
Total earning: £8.5m

Earning power has diminished but that headbutt will ensure that he remains in the spotlight for a while, even now that he has reitred from playing.
8 Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid)
Total earning: £7.9m

The man who lifted the World Cup in 2006 is one of only two defenders on this list.

9 John Terry (Chelsea)
Total earning: £7.7m

Pies was a little surprised to see Terry make this list, but then he is the England captain so his earning power is not limited to Chelsea.
10 Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Total earning: £7.7m
According to Forbes, Stevie G earns marginally less per year than John Terry. Must be hard to get by on just £7m a year.
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