Wicked Wednesday Quiz: Can You Identify These Rubbish Corinthian Figures?

Chris Wright

22nd, January 2014


By Chris Wright

Time for a little quiz that we’ve been sitting on for a while after stumbling upon an old Bryan Roy Corinthian figurine and realising just how bloody terrible the likeness was. Resin casting has come a long way since the dark days of 1995.

The premise of our Wicked Wednesday quiz really is as simple as chips: Can you successfully identify these 16 Corinthian ‘Bigheads’?

Just to give you a smidgen of assistance, there is a common link between all of the figures involved – answers at the bottom…

1. seedorf1

2.  dixon2

3. lineker1

4. murphy1

5. schmeichel1

6. savage

7. keown1

8. shearer1

9. southgate1

10. bright1

11. hartson1

12. hansen1

13. dublin1

14. keane1

15. neville1

16. redknapp1


Some real stinkers in there! How did you fare?

Also, would the Pies faithful like to see this become a weekly mid-week feature?

(All images via CorinthianSellers.co.uk and Bigheads.info)