Top 10 Footballers Accepting The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

Chris Wright

18th, August 2014

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By Chris Wright

Yes, it’s all getting a bit faddy but it’s worth remembering that all these celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenges doing the rounds at the moment are for a good cause.

And lo, here we’ve cobbled together our Top 10 favourite footballing editions, starting with…

Tim Cahill

Number of f**ks given: zilch…

Ryan Babel

Takes it like a true champ…

Paul Scholes

Still can’t get a soddin’ peep out of him!

Steven Gerrard

Filmed at crotch-level so, y’know, thanks for that Stevie…


Challenges Juan Zuniga, of all people! Oh, the delicious irony…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Why not crowbar in a subtle plug for your underwear range while you’re at it?

Mario Balotelli

It seems Mario used boiling water by mistake…

Nigel de Jong

Shit that’s cold…

Gary Neville

If you could sum up the experience in just one word, Gary?

Liam Palmer and Jacques Maghoma (of Sheffield Wednesday)

That ain’t no bucket, that’s a bleedin’ septic tank…

Fine attempts, all – though we do hope people are actually donating to ALS Fund while all this merriment is afoot.

Still, they’ve all got a long way to go before they surpass Bill Gates’ DIY effort…

Well played, Bill!

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1 Comment

  1. PedalRon says:

    I’m all for awareness and a neighbor suffered with ALS for about two years before dying from it/complications.

    However, it seems like this disease affects an extremely low number of people in comparison to other problems – cancer, poverty, hunger, HIV. Seems like the players could spend their time raising awareness for a bigger problem.

    Not that ALS is a walk in the park or should be ignored.

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