Top five quotes of the week

Ollie Irish

20th, April 2007


man_on_moon.gif1 ‘There have been cup shocks before but this would be up there with man landing on the moon.’
Aidy Boothroyd knows how to instill confidence in his Watford team. Man U went on to beat the Hornets 4-1 in the FA Cup semis. And wasn’t the moon landing meticulously planned, rather than a shock?
2 ‘With a team you live in a tunnel and sometimes you have to go down and flirt with hell to see how much you can deal with that, so that you become stronger. But you go quickly to hell and very slowly to heaven.’
Arsene Wenger gets all ‘When ze seagulls follow the trawler’ on our ass

3 ‘Nobody can stop him. Probably the only way to do it is to kill him. When he runs at you, you try to grab his shirt or do whatever you can. But he just goes past you, makes fun out of you and leaves you kicking the air…’
Patrice Evra on Man U team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo

4 ‘I think we deserved the three points.’

Michael Essien gets his Premiership confused with his Champions League. Watch the video here

5 ‘When you are in a dogfight you have to fight like dogs. If it is a gunfight you can’t afford to go in with just a knife.’

Chris Coleman has been watching too many Westerns

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  1. Dan W says:

    This is my favourite – Stuart Pearce laying into dissenting City fans:
    “The next time I go to the theatre I am going to let some thespians have it. It might make me feel better and then I will claim I pay their wages when I leave”

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    That’s quality Dan!

  3. Tim says:

    Lol @ Essien’s quote. That really made the video even better than it already was.