Pies’ Premiership Team of the Season, part 1

Ollie Irish

14th, May 2007


Unlike most people, we actually wait until the end of the season to do our ‘team of the season’. Makes sense, don’t you think? Anyhoo, here’s our selection for the best XI in 2006/07 (fitting neatly into a time-honoured 4-4-2 formation):
Reina.jpgGK: JOSE REINA (Liverpool)
Pepe still flaps at the odd cross like a giant baby bird, but we’ll forgive him the odd discretion (all keepers make mistakes, simple as that). Reina is still young for a keeper (just 24, although he looks more like 34) and improving all the time. He’s had a great season, behind a constantly changing back four, and the fact fans now take it for granted that Liverpool concede hardly any goals is a testimony to his effectiveness as a shot-stopper.
Honourable mention: David James (Portsmouth). A renaissance season for Jamo. Nothing calamitous about his form these days.

34371.jpgRB: STEVE FINNAN (Liverpool)
Finnan gets the Denis Irwin award for invisible brilliance and robotic reliability. Stevie F (does he even have a nickname or his own chant?) never finds himself in the spotlight because of dalliances with WAGs or merky japes with Rio and I imagine that’s just how he likes it. No, Finnan is far too busy tackling wingers, defending corners, making overlapping runs and putting in crosses.
Honourable mention: Michael Essien (Chelsea) Just because you can’t give Essien enough honourable mentions – he looks class wherever he plays.
311920.jpgLB: NICKY SHOREY (Reading)
It’s a shame that Reading couldn’t quite get into Europe, but they’ve had a cracking season nonetheless. No one epitomises the club’s success better than Shorey, a superior journeyman who has played in all four divisions. His form this season has been a revelation. Steve McLaren won’t give Shorey a chance because he plays for an unfashionable club, but Steve Coppell knows better.
Honourable mention: Patrice Evra (Man Utd) Does make mistakes, but has the pace to recover. And boy is he fun to watch going forward.
0%2C%2C10268~3000222%2C00.jpgCB: RICARDO CARVALHO (Chelsea)
Carvalho has been Chelsea’s best defender by a mile this season, and he also found the time to waltz out of defence and score goals/play defence-splitting passes. If he was English we’d rave about him and compare him endlessly to Bobby Moore – but he’s Portuguese and has bad hair and his head’s a bit too small for his body, so obviously that doesn’t happen.
Honourable mention: Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd) For all his extra-curricular merking activity, Rio has been terrific this season.
2738260038.jpgCB: JOLEON LESCOTT (Everton)
‘The biggest compliment you can pay him is that he has never looked out of place once, and having to play at left-back for so long has just underlined that.’ So says David Moyes, Lescott’s gaffer, and who are we to argue? Lescott was recently called up to the England ‘B’ squad but he has the talent to go all the way to the full senior squad. He was also voted Player’s Player of the Year by his team-mates. And he looks like a Bond villain. What’s not to like?
Honourable mention: Nemanja Vidic (Man Utd) Has added some much-needed granite to Man U’s defence.
Check back tomorrow to read part 2 of our team of the season…

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  1. MisterGourmet says:

    Evra’s been superb but Gael Clichy for left back in my opinion. Can’t remember a poor game or a mistake that cost a shot, let alone a goal – and I’ve watched all his games live. Hilarious to think that Clichy was better for Arsenal than that greedy w*nker Cole was for Chelsea.

  2. Col says:

    Shorey was probably man of the match at the weekend against Blackburn. Was quite impressed. England call up anyone? And bein a Blackburn fan i have to say it’s a shame we haven’t had Steven Warnock for a full season because he’s been brilliant for us since he came in. Possible next season contender i hope x

  3. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Agree about Warnock – he’s looked fantastic, can’t understand why Rafa didn’t rate him

  4. SteelScouser says:

    I’m not sure about Carvalho over Vidic, but eh, that’s probably just personal preference.
    And while Warnock has looked good for Rovers, I believe the reason Rafa didn’t rate him is because he is freaking mental! Good skill, but goes into challenges needlessly and gets fired up way too easily.

  5. UltraMagnus says:

    Stevie F does indeed have a chant, not being a ‘pool fan I do’t know it exactly but it goes something like…
    # We’ve got a right-back called Stevie Finnan,
    when he plays we’re always winnin’.
    Up and down and back and in-in,
    we’ve got a right-back called Stevie Finnan #

  6. Col says:

    I agree with the Warnock comments, i mean, he can be a bit rash, but is still young.
    Vidic would be there for me too if we could pick more defenders, but Carvhalo earned his place.
    And is that chant actually real? It’s brilliant!

  7. Joe says:

    Have to say Leighton Baines for Left Back. What an amazing kick that boy has, and he’s looked great in the England U-21’s as well.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nemanja Vidic

  9. Dan W says:

    While I’m correcting you you’ve put 05/06 in the text at the top rather than 06/07 ;-)

  10. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    I resign

  11. The Chiz says:

    What about Carrager or agger? come on, at least a honorable mention?? But Finnan, deffo ;-)

  12. Dean says:

    Piss of Garth fucking Crooks with your shitty views of Foster and Eboue!
    Finally a column that has realised that one of the best keepers in the Premiership this season also happened to be the one who has kept the most clean sheets for the past 2 seasons!