Champions League special: Top ten CL goals of all time


23rd, May 2007


Again, this isn’t our selection, but there are still some beauties to enjoy, especially Almeida’s strike against Inter and Bressan’s amazing bicycle kick against Barca:

Not sure what Frank Lampard’s fluke is doing in there?

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  1. Rich says:

    at first i was going to say that any list that didn’t have Zizou’s goal against Leverkusen as #1 was not worth reading; then I was reminded about Bressan’s bicycle kick and i won’t go that far. still, Zizou’s should be #2.
    even as a Chelsea fan, I have to admit that (a) Drogba’s goal was pretty typical for him – he must have scored 10-20 like that in his Chelsea career, and (b) Lampard’s was a fluke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The selection was a bit rubbish just got 4 classics from down the years and then added 6 from this years champs league.
    Far better goals could have been added, Gerrards against Olympiakos in 2005 to get them through was a pretty special goal, if not for the quality but for the occasion.
    Zidannes should have been higher for quality and occasion.
    surely there have been other amazing goals from over the years which were better than esentially a selection of this years goals.
    Not complaining Pies as i love the links to videos just think the selection by the man who made it was poor.

  3. Timothy B. says:

    More like the best long-ball goals. Did this guy use enough replays? I am quite sick of seeing Drogba already, I don’t need to watch him flop all over the pitch in slow motion 10 times in a row.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah that was definitely a crap list.
    Where was Ronaldinho’s vs Chelsea or Andy Cole vs Barcelona??

  5. bryn says:

    Didier Diveba’s goal was a good goal, but doesnt deserve that many replays – especially when Bressan and Hagi only get one each.
    I dont think anyone except for Lampard knows if it was a fluke. if it wasnt a fluke then it takes extreme skill to score from that angle.
    Zidane’s goal should clerly have been hgher.

  6. choy says:

    it was the biggest fluke ever!
    what about beckham’s freekick v barcelona 98/99


    Frank Lampard’s goal was no fluke! It was a great goal and he’s scored scores of them. Why is it that when Johnny Football scores it’s a beauty and anything Frank does is a fluke? Unfair!