England 1-1 Brazil: five observations

Ollie Irish

4th, June 2007

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BecksBrazil.jpg1 That must be the first time a match at Wembley has been held up while the President of a country snogs each of his players!
2 With David Beckham back in the fold, surely Alan Smith can’t be allowed to play as well. England’s bottle blond quota is met. We will soon be looking like the Romanian squad at Euro 2000.
3 Mark Lawrenson’s dry humour in the commentary box can be funny, but it seems to be bordering on boredom at times. Some of his one-liners are excellent (for example in the FA Cup Final when Motty said: “Robben couldn’t reach that.” Lawro quipped: “Batman couldn’t have reached that, never mind Robin.”), but it doesn’t have to be a joke every time you open your mouth, Lawro!

4 The only thing more imevitable than Beckham being involved in the first goal at Wembley was that Brazil would score a late equaliser.
5 It might be a blessing in disguise that the game was a draw. At least we are not world-beaters now!
Funny clips from the game, including President tonsil tennis, below:

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1 Comment

  1. OmegaSupreme says:

    Oh come that Romanian thing was not such a bad idea, according to chinny Hill anyway. I think Lawro should get more sarcastic and more cynical, him and Motty are a very funny combo.