Retro Football: 12 Terrific LP Covers Of FA Cup Final Songs Gone By (Photos)

Chris Wright

27th, May 2017

With today being the big day, Pies thought we’d take a timely look back at some of the fine, fine offerings that have soundtracked the FA Cup Final over the years – specifically their cover art.

Believe us, the word ‘art’ has never been used so loosely.

‘Sunderland’s Cup’ – Sunderland, 1971

Oddly, we’re kicking off with a post-final vinyl offering, in that the ‘Sunderland’s Cup’ official souvenir LP actually consisted of various audio commentary highlights from the Black Cats’ famous 1-0 win over Fulham.


‘Viva El Fulham’ – Tony Rees & The Cottagers, 1975

With a melody nicked wholesale from ‘Y Viva Espana’, this song spirited Fulham to a mighty 2-0 defeat against West Ham…


‘Ossie’s Dream’ – Tottenham (feat. Chas & Dave), 1981

Perhaps the archetypal FA Cup anthem, complete with relentless Cockney chirruping and the mocking of a foreigner’s accent…


‘Here We Go’ – Everton, 1985

Standard ‘team photo’ fare from the Toffees, though it’s always nice to see the clear outline of Howard Wilkinson’s genitals…


‘Hot Shot Tottenham’ – Tottenham (feat. Chas & Dave), 1987

Why tinker with a winning formula?


‘Go For It’ – Coventry City, 1987

Quite possibly Steve Ogrizovic’s finest hour


Photo: Coventry Evening Telegraph

We Are Wimbledon’ – Wimbledon, 1988

An uninspiring stinker of a cover for an uninspiring stinker of a record. How the Dons actually went on to win the cup after this is a mystery…


‘The Anfield Rap’ – Liverpool, 1988

The very epitome of late 80s hip-hop…


‘Glad All Over/Where Eagles Fly’ – Crystal Palace, 1990

Alan Pardew, front and centre, brylcreemed to within an inch of his life and absolutely in his element…


Glad All Over is a staple at Selhurst Park, but ‘Where Eagles Fly’ is a hidden gem in its own right.

‘Move, Move, Move’ – The Red Tribe (Manchester United), 1996

Fisheye lens, Lee Sharpe in a denim shirt and the Neville brothers sporting twin curtains. Couldn’t be more redolent of the 1990s if it tried…


‘Blue Day’ – Suggs & Co. (Chelsea), 1997

Try to imagine the worst Madness song you’ve ever heard, then add Dennis Wise to the mix…


‘Hot Stuff’ – Arsenal, 1998

As hard as it may be to believe, the cover was ten times more exciting than the song itself…


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