10 More Horror Tackles (with video, natch)

Ollie Irish

4th, September 2006

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Our Top 10 Horror Tackles got a big, big response, so here’s another 10 (not all of them are football tackles, cause YouTube doesn’t have much in the way of action from the 1970s…

10 Daniele De Rossi on Brian McBride Short, sharp elbow to the temple. To his great credit, McBride, a true tough nut, played on.

10 More Horror Tackles (with video, natch) continued…

9 Julien Rodriguez on Edson May have been accidental, but still painful.

8 Anon. physio on anon. player Vicious two-footed lunge.

7 Roy Keane on Neil Poynton As his mullet shows, Poynton was a real man – he just got up and carried on, like an old-school pro.

6 Denis Irwin on David Busst Irwin was in no way to blame for this awful incident, which I hesitate to call a tackle. It’ s one of the worst injuries in football history, if not the worst – this doesn’t show it from a great angle, which is just as well, cause it’s truly horrific. Peter Schmeichel’s reaction says it all.

5 Henrik Larsson on himself Not for the squeamish.

Ok, and now, for all the football-haters who think the beautiful game is played by pussies, here are a few horror tackles/hits from other sports (also cause I couldn’t find any more decent football videos – I wish I could post some 70s tackles from the likes of Tommy Smith, Norman Hunter or Ron Harris, but they’re hard to track down…

4 Rugby league tackles Rugby league players are generally harder than your average footballer, I admit that.

3 Ice hockey hits Those hockey players sure do wear a lot of padding, but I’ll admit that they know how to take a good hit.

2 Aussie Rules tackles AFL players know how to take a shot too…

1 NFL hits Ouch, ouch, and ouch again. NFL players may wear a hell of a lot of padding – if they didn’t, you’d be looking at several fatalities a year.

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  1. Scot says:

    Typical show of aggression from Roy Keane. Not a legend on the field – but a violent thug.