Top 10 Football Rappers

Ollie Irish

9th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Asamoah Gyan’s guest rap got us thinking about other ballers who have stepped up to the mic and wrecked the joint…

1. Clint ‘Deuce’ Dempsey – Deuce fronted up for Setanta to prove that, whilst he’s more Vanilla Ice than Eminem, he can actually walk the walk:

2. John Barnes – The Undisputed King of British Football Rappers, if only for this (forget ‘The Anfield Rap’):

3. Paul Gascoigne – “Sitting in a sleazy snack bar sucking sickly sausage rolls…” Eminem, your crown is secure:

4. Andy Cole – Infamous for recording the cringeworthy ‘Outstanding’:

5. Didier Drogba – Promised the world a rap album, still hasn’t delivered. A f*cking disgrace, frankly…

6. Ryan Babel – The Liverpool winger/striker has flow. But his flow is rubbish:

7. Basile Boli & Chris Waddle – The pair recorded the cheery ‘We Got A Feeling’ when they were team-mates at OM:

8. Youri Djorkaeff – The former Bolton star’s rap career was brief, for obvious reasons. This is ‘Living In Your Light’ and it’s proper shit:

9. Benni McCarthy – The fat striker helped to murder ‘The Final Countdown’ as a guest rapper on this slice of aural torture:

10. Royston Drenthe – Teamed up with fellow Dutchman Ryan Babel (see above) to rap with U-Niq, and it’s actually not so bad:

I think we can all agree that MC John Barnes has the best rhymes, the best flow, the best gold chain.