10 nastiest broken legs in football

Ollie Irish

26th, February 2008


With Eduardo now beginning his long road to recovery from the broken leg he sustained against Birmingham at the weekend, Pies gives you 10 of the nastiest broken legs to have been seen on the football field (or at least to have been seen on YouTube!).
1 David Busst
The ultimate nasty leg break. Peter Schmeichel was forced to see a counsellor, which tells you everything you need to know.

2 Eduardo
Rather tactlessly transformed into an InjuryLawyers4u.

3 Djibril Cisse
Blackburn’s Jay McEveley decides one bendy joint is not enough for Cisse’s leg.

4 Djibril Cisse
To do it twice is unlucky by anyone’s standards.

5 Alan Smith
It was the ball what dunnit.

6 Henrik Larsson
Proof that you can bounce back from even the most horrific of broken legs.

7 Edgar Andrade
As coincidentally featured on Pies last week. The young Mexican is left with a foot pointing in the wrong direction.8 Niels Kokmeijer
This vicious tackle forced Kokmeijer to retire and led to the culprit, Rachid Bouaouzan, being given a suspended jail sentence.

9 Not sure
Let us know if you recognise this player. In the meantime, here he is putting the knock in innocuous.

10 Kieron Dyer
Dyer managed to break both bones in his lower leg earlier this season.