Top 10 toddler tantrums from footballers

Ollie Irish

14th, March 2008

Footballers can be a moody and emotional bunch of so-and-sos at the best of times. Pies celebrates 10 examples of the emotions of a football match boiling over a bit too much and leading to the players involved getting on like a bunch of spoilt toddlers!
1 Mido kicks off on his Egyptian national team coach during an unfeasibly long walk off the pitch.

2 Wayne Rooney takes his boots off in a strop after being called in to have his dinner.

3 Roy Keane throws the toys out of the pram, the card out of the ref’s hand and (given half a chance) a few punches at Alan Shearer.

4 Antonio Cassano doesn’t like being sent-off much.

5 Antonio Cassano doesn’t like being booked much either.

6 Paolo di Canio pushes Paul Durkin over (just about).

7 William Gallas is going to get piles if he’s not careful.
8 Paul Gascoigne’s tears

9 Hossam Ghaly loves being substituted nearly as much as Wayne Rooney does.

10 Sheikh Fahid Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah sparks a Kuwati invasion (of the pitch that is).

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