Top 10 funny shirt sponsors

Ollie Irish

29th, April 2008


Pies looks at some of the sponsors who made it almost impossible to play for the shirt.
1 AC Milan – Pooh Jeans
Milano’s kit was giving off the sweet smell of success in 1981. Manfully modelled by Joe Jordan here.
ac milan pooh.jpg
2 Clydebank – Wet Wet Wet
The cheesy Scottish popsters kindly pumped some cash into their hometown club, but with scant regard for the macho supporters who had to traipse to away matches wearing their name.
wet wet wet.jpg
3 FC Nurnberg – Mister Lady
As featured on Pies recently, the German club is proudly wearing the name of transvestite-sounding clothes brand Mister Lady.
nurnberg mister lady.jpg

4 Roma – INA Assitalia
Where you like it? INA Ass? Roma’s rectum related kit might get a few laughs, but given that they are one of Italy’s major insurers perhaps we are being a bit anal…
roma ass.jpg
5 West Brom – No Smoking
Ahead of their time perhaps, but this can hardy have done much to improve terrace credibility of Baggies fans.
west brom smoking.jpg
6 Livingston – Intelligent Finance
Some would say they were asking for trouble, but sure enough the Scottish outfit ended up in administration.
livingston finance.jpg
7 America – Bimbo
America are one of a number of Mexican clubs to have unwittingly undermined their intellect by taking money from the Latin baker Bimbo.
8 Newcastle – Northern Rock
Nothing quite says ‘we are going down’ like having the name of bank that has to be bailed out by the government to stop it folding emblazoned on your shirt.
9 Scarborough – Black Death Vodka
Inappropriate? Perhaps. This kit was banned in 1990.
scarborough vodka.jpg
10 Brighton – Nobo
As if this shirt didn’t disgrace itself enough with its swirly red design, someone stuck ‘Nobo’ on the front.
brighton nobo.jpg