Top 15 ugliest players at Euro 2008


4th, June 2008


They may be good at football, but look at the state of them…
Jakub Wawrzyniak.jpg
15. Jakub Wawrzyniak (Poland)

14. Stephane Grichting (Switzerland)
13. Dirk Kuyt (Netherlands)
12. Ludovic Magnin (Switzerland)
11. Jan Koller (Czech Republic)
Niko Kovac.jpg
10. Niko Kovac (Croatia)
9. Andrea Pirlo (Italy)
Sotiris Kyrgiakos.jpg
8. Sotiris Krygiakos (Greece)
van der sar.jpg
7. Edwin van der Sar (Netherlands)
Ognjen Vukojevic.jpg
6. Ognjen Vukojevic (Croatia)
jorge ribeiro.jpg
5. Jorge Ribeiro (Portugal)
4. Rustu Recber (Turkey)
And the medal winners…
3. Phillippe Senderos (Switzerland)
2. Franck Ribery (France)
1. Carles Puyol (Spain)

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  1. Mordoraui says:

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  2. piloute says:

    Sorry, but this is just mean and not justified. Im fed up of those people who are making fun of great stars. Youre just being jealous, thats it. Those players are great and Im personnaly glad that you dont have to be pretty to do what you want in your life and to succeed. This is the proof. And thanks to them to show us that beauty is not everything in this world.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does this article serious even exist..? That’s f*cked up and says so much about our pathetic modern society.
    P.S. even in terms of the socially constructed perceptions that this article both follows and reinforces, these men are not ugly. No one should be considered ugly, you a-holes.

  4. Ali says:

    People seriously took this the wrong way ^
    Cant have anymore fun now a days can you? Everyones on about something being not right

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