The Barcelona – Real Madrid ‘El Clasico’ Composite Best XI

Ollie Irish

29th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

With the most hyped El Clasico of all time only hours away, we thought it would be interesting to put together a composite best XI of football’s two supernova clubs. Check out our team, then post up your XIs.


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Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) - Spain's World Cup-winning skipper is one of the world's best keepers and clearly gets the nod, even over the underrated Victor Valdes.

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  1. Markell says:

    So, basically, the same team that won the world cup, with a better left side? Still I would pay good money/body parts to watch this team go.

  2. DavidBeckham says:

    Marcelo is poor.

  3. Ollie Irish says:

    Marcelo is not poor.

  4. DavidBeckham says:

    Sorry, Marcelo is poor defensively

  5. Joe says:

    Maxwell’s better

  6. Joe says:

    That Messi pic looks like a Benny Hill sketch… anybody willing to shoop a flat cap and some round glasses on him?

  7. Ping Yang says:

    With a few exceptions this is pretty much the Spanish National team.

  8. PhilandoTorres says:

    Maxwell/Adriano ahead of Marcelo. I’d only pick Marcelo if a left-winger was needed. He is no defender.

    I’d also pick Alves over Ramos. Great understanding with Messi and all that.

    Basically, I’d pick Barca’s first XI with the exceptions of Alonso for Busquets and Ronaldo for Pedro. I’d even keep Valdes in there. I’m a maverick renegade, I play by nobody’s rules but my own etc.

  9. larry says:

    ronnie and leo should do a charity game where they play on the same team, man that would make some serious money, people would pay serious cash just to see them play together. They could play agianst some weak team that got no chance of winning a title so they could field their best players without risk, like arsenal.

  10. mizman says:

    i would just go for higuain over villa. apart from that i agree, especially right back as i think dani alves is completely over rated

  11. simone says:

    pretty boys

  12. jj says:

    Casillas is soooooooooo overrated. Spains 3rd choice after pep and victor.

  13. deckard says:

    ollie u really dunno jack when it comes to spanish footy. it’s dani alves who offers a lot more on set pieces compared to ramos not the other way round. and that u really think alves isn’t all that defensively proves u rarely watch la liga (accurately). maybe ur too busy jacking off to a poster of van der vaart or something while ur watching spanish football.

    marcelo is absolutely WOEFUL at defending. i can’t believe no coach or president or anyone else with a vote at that farcical club has ever thought of getting a world class left back. they’d rather shell out (borrowed) millions each summer for yet another striker or attacking midfielder.

  14. Ollie Irish says:

    Alves can’t head a ball and is shit at crossing, so, er…

  15. AT says:

    absolutely howling at
    ” maybe ur too busy jacking off to a poster of van der vaart or something while ur watching spanish football.”
    Marcelo is poor defensively

  16. megaman789 says:

    Team won’t work if only bcuz of ronaldo. Most of the players on the the team love to play the super passing game even inside the opponent’s 18 yard box. Sure Ronaldo can pass well but he just doesn’t like to do it that much. Besides he would totally want to outdo messi. I’d suggest this would work better if Ronaldo plays as the striker while Villa could be the left forward.

  17. dojo says:

    the fullback picks are ridiculous. the actual game proved that convincingly, if it weren’t already obvious. Marcelo will never be the best lb in the game. the fact that he was taken off for Arbeloa speaks volumes. Ramos over Alves? lololol. sure Ramos is better at heading the ball. but Alves TAKES many of the free kicks. on Barcelona … a team with Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta. does that not say enough?

  18. Miguel - NYC says:

    Ollie, do you still think the same of Xabi Alonso? Him and Khedira were non-existent on the pitch yesterday.
    Busquets plays the holding midfielder role much better than Alonso. The only one who, for my taste, can play like him sits on the bench, and that’s Mascherano.
    Xabi Alonso is supposed to be a hibrid between Xavi and Busquets, but does not play like either.
    The interesting thing is that Del Bosque chooses to play with him on the pitch instead of adding someone like Pedro, Silva or Navas on the attack. If spain played the way they did in the Euro 2008, then Xabi Alonso drops from the picture and Spain will play even more like Barca. And come on, the whole structure on the spain national team is from Barca.
    Also, I hope Sergio Ramos and Marcelo also made you changed ur mind. Dani Alves is a work horse and way more talented in the short pass and play creation…even Messi said “Dani Alves makes me better. Ramos is better in the air…not much more than that. Defensively Abidal is way better than Marcelo (not at all like Roberto Carlos).

  19. V says:

    Ollie probably the first time I disagree with you this much, when you say Alves is shit at crossing. You must’ve seen those 3 crosses he delivered poorly out of the 50 pin-point ones.

  20. David says:

    Another awful post by yours truly Ollie.

  21. eduardo says:

    clero ke el barcelona es el mejor eso ni duddarlo y prueba de eso son 5 golecitos ke le metieron al madrird pobre de ronaldo haciendo berrinche en me dio campo jijiji y al ke no le guste ke se aguante

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