Euro 2008 Top Six: Players you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley

Ollie Irish

13th, June 2008

The scarier side of Euro 2008!
1. Servet Çetin (Turkey)
A face only a mother could love and looks like he might wield a massive knife. He’s also built like the proverbially brick outhouse!

2. Orlando Engelaar (Holland)
He is huge. In the Holland-Italy match he looked like a 15-year-old ringer in an under 11s match.
jan koller.jpg
3. Jan Koller (Czech Republic)
Over two metres tall and weighing in at 103kg, Koller is a beast. Aside from anything else, you probably wouldn’t fit down the dark alley at the same time as him.
4. Mladen Petric (Croatia)
Looks like if he wasn’t participating in Euro 2008, he might be leafleting for the BNP.
5. Traianos Dellas (Greece)
Looks like a crazed bouncer who has gone on a rampage and shot five people.
6. Johan Wiland
I think the picture says it all really. Has someone been nibbling on his ear?
Any other players give you the heebie-jeebies?
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