Top Six: Craig Bellamy bust-ups

Ollie Irish

5th, August 2008

Craig Bellamy is under investigation (again), this time for a row with a West Ham. Here are six of his best bust-ups
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1. Golf with John Arne Riise
A row over karaoke while in Spain with the Liverpool squad ended in Bellamy attacking his Norwegian team-mate with a golf club. The Welshman apparently felt he had lost face in front of his team-mates after a confrontation over Riise’s refusal to sing.
2. Caution for common assault
Bellamy was cautioned for common assault after allegedly attacking a woman outside a Newcastle nightclub in 2002. He was cleared of another alleged assault on two women in a Cardiff nightclub in 2006.
3. Throwing a chair at John Carver
Bellamy threw a chair at then Newcastle coach John Carver during a row at Newcastle Airport. Carver has claimed it was “quite a heavy chair” but says he caught it and placed it on the floor. He has since patched things up with Bellamy.

4. Refusing to play out of position for Graeme Souness
In what eventually boiled down to a game of Call My Bluff between Bellamy and Souness, it was hard to know who was telling the truth and who was lying. The most likely scenario is that Souness told Bellamy to play on the right. He refused and said he would fake injury if forced to play out of position. Bellamy subsequently called Souness a liar, picking up an £80,000 fine and Souness’ word that he would never play for him again.
5. Sending abusive text messages to Alan Shearer
Still reeling from his numerous fall-outs at St James’ Park, while at Celtic Bellamy sent abusive messages to Alan Shearer’s phone following Newcastle’s defeat to Manchester United in a 2005 FA Cup semi-final. The texts reportedly included one saying: “Your legs are gone. You’re too old. You’re too slow.”
6. Ranting at Alan Curbishley
Ever keen to make a good impression, Bellamy had a bust-up with West Ham boss Alan Curbishley following last season’s opening day defeat to Manchester City. An injury-ravaged season meant little prospect for rowing after that.

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