Top 10 links of the day: with added Katie Price

Ollie Irish

13th, May 2009

Today’s links are brought to you by the number “69” and the celebrity Katie Price. That’s just a coincidence
katieprice.jpg1. Swedish hooligans riot at 30,000ft. [@ Unprofessional Foul]
2. It’s the irresponsible media who help to put football in the gutter. [@ F365]
3. Tim Vickery on a reborn Ronaldo (the fat one, not the vain one). [@ Sports Illustrated]
4. The greatest ever four-eyed footballers. [@ Anorak]

5. Interview with Hope Solo, US women’s goalie. [@ SoccerLens]
6. Real Madrid and Man Utd signed agreements last summer that the Spanish club could buy Cristiano Ronaldo after July 1 this year if they paid €80 million. Yawn (but still a bit interested, admittedly). [@ Goal]
7. The forgotten story of Real Madrid’s 107-goal season. [@ Guardian Sports Blog]
8. What if America’s top sports stars were actually soccer players? [@ Sports Illustrated]
9. Help Didier Drogba slap the ref. [@ Little Hooliganz, via The Spoiler]
10. Harry Redknapp plans alcohol ban at Spurs. Good luck with that, Arry. [@ BBC Sport]

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