Top six Setanta moments

Ollie Irish

11th, June 2009


It looks very much like Setanta is about to go under. The company is no longer taking customer subscriptions, and this week BSkyB refused a £50m lifeline payment to the Irish TV operator, which owes more than £30m to the Premier League.
Setanta is still broadcasting, but for how much longer? It would be a shame to see them go, if only because it would surely increase the iron grip Sky has on British football. Here, Pies recalls some of Setanta’s highlights…

1. Deuce Dempsey’s freestyle rap
Both cringe-inducing and entertaining. Eminem, your job as white people’s favourite rapper is safe.

2. Reporter sex-pestered
Villa fans, eh. They have no concept of personal space. Ultra-professional job by Natalie Pirks though. Maybe Sky can find her a job when Setanta goes under?

3. Puppet Mourinho
One of Setanta’s high points.
4. Charlotte Jackson
Two more stand-out reasons why fans enjoyed tuning into Setanta. Feel free to bash your beef too. Ahem.

5. Des Lynam
The return of “Setanta Claus” brought joy to every football fan old enough to remember his time as Match of the Day host.

6. Joe Cole’s punditry
A second career is born. It keeps his mind busy. Bless.