Top 10 links of the day: 7 July, 2009

Ollie Irish

7th, July 2009

1. Is Abbey Clancey’s swimsuit too tight? I’ll let you – and Crouchy – be the judge… [@ Daily Mail]
2. EPL Talk starts Legends of English Football series. First up, Sir Stanley Matthews. [@ EPL Talk]
3. Some high-falutin’, wine-related football blogging that is way too smart for me, but well worth a read nonetheless. [@ Run of Play]
4. German team has photo session in a mine shaft. [@ Dirty Tackle]
5. Premier League Best XI v La Liga Best XI. Who you got? [@ The Spoiler]
6. Jozy Altidore is proud of Gooch Onyewu. [@ Twitter]
7. No one wants to buy a Michael Owen Man Utd shirt. Awww. [@ The Sun]
8. Lowdown on ESPN’s new Premier League channel. [@ Guardian]
9. Paddy Kenny faces two-year ban after failing drugs test. [@ The Times]
10. Informative read about the world’s major football federations. Worth a look if you don’t know your CONCACAFS from your CONMEBOLS. [@ SoccerLens]

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