Ghoulish Halloween Special: Top 10 Terrifying Footballers

Chris Wright

31st, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Halloween’s a bust, everybody knows it. No one in their right mind would choose to spend there evening doling out Haribo to teenage scrotes in 99p masks for fear of having their premises covered in egg and toilet paper  – but a theme’s a theme and we’re going to run with it.

We’ve cobbled together a ten-strong gallery of the most pun-a-riffically fiendish players ever to curse the game with their indelible stenches.

Enjoy All Hallow’s Eve my dear friends, for it may be the last one you ever have, MWUHAHAHA!!! (Please laugh like Vincent Price for full effect)


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Gary & Phil Devil - The spawn of Lucifer himself, Neville Devil

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