The Premier League Flops of the Season… so far

Ollie Irish

11th, November 2009


Yesterday I posted my Premier League Team of the Season (so far). Today it’s the turn of the flops (this isn’t rocket science):


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Ben Foster (Man Utd) - England's next No.1, Fergie's current No.3. Foster has struggled to cope with the spotlight, making several high-profile errors - most notably this howler in the Manchester derby, which resulted in a Gareth Barry goal.

That motley crew would be managed by West Ham’s Gianfranco Zola. Sorry Franco – must do better.

Agree, disagree with my choices? Let’s have it…

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  1. Mark says:

    You had a nice Liverpool/Manchester theme going there, then you ruined it with Pav/Heskey. They have been pretty rank though.

  2. Ollie says:

    Ha. Sorry to f**k it up at the end.

  3. Simon says:

    These lists are so pointless when they don’t bother to take into account any of the smaller teams. They’re so many players off form for West Ham, Portsmouth and Everton.

    BTW. Don’t agree with Carrick AT all. The guy runs games, you don’t see it on camera but he’s an incredibly valuable influence on the whole United team. Although it has to be said our best mid this year by far, as last, is Darren Fletcher.

  4. Greg says:

    The Scholes thing was odd. Arthur Papas says that Scholes is playing in a deeper role now that Ronaldo is gone and in the game against Man City he delivered a brilliant ball to Owen from that deep position. UCL matchday 1 Man U v Besiktas showed what Scholes really does for Man U, and I’m an Arsenal fan. 89% efficiency rating of passes, he is playing a Makelele role, just because that is a bit different from yesteryear you think he is playing badly.

  5. nicko says:

    Thing is, that team would win matches… probably alot of them. How ironic.

  6. Ben says:

    I think Tevez, Santa Cruz, Berba all have to be in there.

    ollie i think your a tad harsh on Pav. Hes not that bad. Hes a confidence player.Hard to get confidence when you got crouchy keano and defoe in front. Put Pav in an everton, hammers,blacburn shirt and hes be pretty good. But i agree, he may not have enough chocolate for tottenhams biscuit.

  7. Joe says:

    I’d throw in Micah Richards. Shame that a player so athletic can be so shocking at the ‘mental’ part of the game (crap positioning, terrible concentration etc). He was directly responsible for 2 of the goals against Uinted.

  8. Fredmeister says:

    Hmm, normally agree with you on these sort of things ollie but you cant be serious about Carrick? Even As a United fan Ill give you Foster, Ferdinand and Nani (AkA. Prince/MJ/Lionel Richie/Sammy Davis Jr/JLS, feel free to us eany of those as shit lookalikes) And you have a bit of a point with Scholsey, who isnt having the best of seasons. But Carrick is a starting player in a team which is challenging at the top of the league after losing C RON, as are the other outfield players when fit. Id have put Deco and Ireland, with Scholsey on the bench.

    On another note though, Heskey is doing my head in. Capello seems to have plans for him and it does work BUT HES CRAP!!!! I think this says a lot about Capello as a manager, but I digress.

  9. Jake says:

    Even as a Man Utd fan I would agree with Carrick, he looks good against teams like Blackburn a couple of weeks back, because he has all the time in the world to pick out a pass and get around the pitch. When he plays teams like Liverpool or Chelsea (and Barcelona in the UCL final) though i think he gets found out, especially against Liverpool he couldnt cope with the pace of the game, he wants to much time, rarely makes a tackle and rarely scores. He is supposed to be our main playmaker now in center mid but i dnt think he is Utd class, when you compare him to other playmakers like Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas and so on.

    Maybe harsh, but I wish he would have more of an impact in the bigger games.

  10. Kipp says:

    Pavyluchenko is not a good player.

    He was made to LOOK exceptional by the genius of another Russian, care to guess who?

    Imagine if spurs had got him instead?

  11. alex says:

    just because rio is injured doesn’t make him a flop. those things are unexpected. it doesnt make him a worse defender for missing games due to injuries.

    and on the subject of midfield, you should really watch passing and off the ball movement more, michael carricks play has decreased but there are much worse than him in the league, especially when he is still dishing out game winners every once in a while. nani isnt doing horrible he’s just being outplayed by valencia so he isnt getting to play as much. pay attention

  12. Paddy says:

    I liked it more when Titus Bramble used to be in these teams

  13. megaman789 says:

    @Greg: Scholes has played shit even in the makelele role.
    Something abt losing possession silly and foolish tackles.

    And also you can’t basically put stirkers from Liverpool and Manchester.
    Torres, Rooney, Adebayor, Bellamy, etc. are all good

  14. Ben says:

    Pavlyuchenko one of the worst Spurs strikers in recent memory?

    Armstrong? Rebrov? Rasiak?

    This either proves that Pav isn’t as bad as all that, or just proves that Spurs have had some shocking strikers in the last decade or so.

    Probably the second bit.

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  16. Leo says:

    Cant agree with the Pavlyuchenko part. He’s a good player. Perhaps if Redknapp wasnt such a dick and gave him some playing time and showed him just a little bit of trust Roman would show what he is capable of.

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  19. Munish says:

    Why aren’t their any players from clubs other than the ones fighting for top 6 places? and has every Chelsea and Arsenal players performed to their potential?

  20. Ollie says:

    What, there are teams below the top six??

  21. dfjjsdf says:

    Pav isn’t anywhere near the worst striker Spurs have had. Helder Postiga and Bobby Zamora spring to mind. He’s a good finisher playing in a team that doesn’t suit his style. I agree with the earlier comment about him being able to flourish if he was in an Everton, West Ham or Blackburn shirt.

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  23. goonerdan says:

    flops are meant as players who are SUPPOSED to be good, but are performing sh*t.
    not players who ARE sh*t, and playing to their sh*t expectations.

  24. tevez is very poor,totally over rated player

  25. joemc says:

    sorry but tevez is not over rated hes amazin 7 in 6 for a player whs not supposed to be a natural stricker int bad and his runing with the ball bravery and work rate is fernominal thats why hes player of the mounth !!!

  26. lewbo says:

    Nani was a major flop but hes really picked up the pace in the past few games especially against the gooners

  27. Moods says:

    How is alberto aquilani not in there, awfull business buying him !

  28. basti.lfc says:

    aquilani couldnt be in there because rafa didnt let him play enough games to show his skills…
    but if you want another lfc player in this team you could pick lucas…..even as a lfc fan,i have to admit that lucas is shit

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