Snapshot: Luis Suarez’s Meta-Self Parody Protest T-Shirt

Chris Wright

22nd, December 2011


By Chris Wright

Before last night’s goalless draw with Wigan, Liverpool (including their ‘negrito’ players) ran out onto the field wearing t-shirts in support of freshly convicted racist-insult-slinger Luis Suarez – including the man himself…

This is a joke right? Right? Some kind of meta-self parody? Irony within irony? Is this ‘Irony-ception’?

My mind hurts. Wouldn’t have 11 anti-racism t-shirts been more on message?

Who’d have thought, eh? Liverpool taking the ‘victimisation’ tack and putting on a grotesque, insular, superfluous show of solidarity while farting in the face of what scholars refer to as ‘the facts’.

Can you imagine Arsenal wearing t-shirts with the silhouetted image of a Vauxhall Astra wrapped around a tree after club captain Tony Adams got nabbed for drink-driving? Newcastle wearing a pair of McDonald’s golden arches emblazoned across their chests after Joey Barton’s little city-centre fracas? Manchester United with Alf-Inge Haaland’s bloodied stumps after Roy Keane attempted to end his playing career by performing an on-field amputation?


Justice has been served. Let’s try to move on shall we?

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  1. Fletch says:

    Oh Dear, the city of self-pity strikes again.

    Love how classless they’re acting, let them and their ridiculous fans dig their own graves while the FA, Manchester United/Evra and every other fan just laugh at the joke that Liverpool have become.

  2. gamblino says:

    Haha “the city of self-pity”! Bang on.

  3. Stu says:

    If you want to move on then stop writing about it.

  4. Al says:

    @ Chris – convicted? I think you’ll find he was “convicted” by a panel of anonymus suits representing an organisation that are notorious for being inconsistent in their findings and in the application of their own rules. The burden of proof in these hearings is also ridiculously low
    The FA are working to their own agenda which involved making a statement to rub in Blatters face. Would your comments be as sarcastic if Blatter and FIFA had just imposed such a ban on an England player? I doubt it

    And for the record I’m not from the city of self pity I just don’t like injustice or pompous organisations blatantly scapegoating

  5. Fletch says:

    @ Stu

    its a football blog, its their job to write about topical events in football, nevermind how mind-numbingly dull, incredibely stupid or immensely deluded they might be.

    (un)fortunatly liverpools actions tick all three of those boxes.

    @ Al

    you try calling someone in your workplace a little black man and see what happens.

    i doubt that your bosses will be trying to spite blatter though

  6. Mizman says:

    Suarez is innocent cos his grandad was black, he listens to rap music and his favourtie TV show is “The Fresh Prince” so he can say what he wants to balck people…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Less of the sarcasm chris, maybe you should do your homework before you make such bold accusations.

  8. Al says:

    @ Stu
    Good shout on trying that in work, I did and the bosses weer not one bit impressed, I’ve just been banned from the office for 8 days

  9. Sameer says:

    Where can I order this t shirt?

  10. Stu says:

    @Chris It was more a plea than anything – I think Pies take on this issue has been pretty poor. Case in point – you’re talking about justice being served on one hand and then dismissing Liverpool’s right to support their player on the other.

    For the record I’m a Liverpool fan and I think Suarez absolutely should have been banned – even in the most innocent of possible scenarios. But I also think that the case is far more complex than you’ve portrayed at all. You’re articles have been based on assumptions and eye-rolling rather than actual discussion of the issues.

    In your article ‘Liverpool Claim FA Were ‘Determined To Charge Luis Suarez’ you ignore entirely the possibility (slim as it may be) that Suarez might have been using the term without intending offence. Of course it seems unlikely (and even if that were the case he should be banned anyway as ignorance is no defence) but a bit of balance wouldn’t go amiss.

  11. Stewart says:

    Partisanship is an ugly thing.

    I think the star player of any team could walk into the centre circle and gut a child with a kitchen knife and still be backed and supported by both the club and fans.

  12. Fletch says:

    @ Sameer

    email liverpool…

  13. Al says:

    @ Stu
    I agree completeley and thats why I had my ranty post earlier

    @ Stewart
    Good point, I am questioning whether as a liverpool fan I would be as annoyed if say Christain Poulsen had recieved the same ban for an incident with a random Norwich player but it being our best player and involving Man U and Evra….

  14. Chimpo says:

    funny how anything liverpool related ALWAYS generates the most amount of posts

    City of self-pity FOR THE WIN

    and i would add pomposity and deluded sense of self-importance too.

  15. rust says:

    you fail to see that the only ‘evidence’ in this entire case is Evras word

  16. rust says:

    in terms of offensive words its only Evra
    the word Suarez used is not racist. Even Javier Hernandez has used the word to his own teammates…

  17. Chimpo says:

    @rust- and these words are not acceptable here! who gives a fuck whats apparently acceptable elsewhere. he said them to a french player playing for a british team in england!

  18. rust says:

    So difference in culture makes him racist?
    And is Hernandez racist as well?

  19. AJM says:

    It’s not a question of “is he racist or not?” That’s not what he was charged with. He was charged with using language that, according to the English-speaking FA, is considered offensive because it references race – hence it’s racially offensive. The only people claiming racist/not racist in this case are Liverpool themselves. And they are acting like complete dickheads to try and disprove a point that nobody cares about. Evra himself said he doesn’t think Suarez is racist.

  20. hgo says:

    all this is fucking disgusting – my work collegue was sacked for calling one lady black bitch, but before that he was suspended straightaway after allegations were maid by victim. here we go 2 tier system one for the rich , one for poor. fucking country is a total joke, and english say “we have one of the best judical system”. :)))

  21. packy says:

    Honestly Chris I think you’d sing a different tune if a South American player for the Spurs had said the same thing. Pies coverage of the matter has been far from objective, there is a clear anti-liverpool bias.

  22. Fletch says:

    @ Packy
    Surely its more about liverpools farcical reaction to the situation than anything.
    I might be wrong but i dont think that Pies has criticised the decision one way or the other, but has rightly criticised liverpools bizarre actions following it.

  23. pipe down says:

    Liverpool are only doing this because they want Suarez to stay.

    Ajax didn’t back him for biting someones ear. Hence he forced through a transfer to Liverpool.

    I have a feeling Real or Barca are knocking on the door.

  24. Mr. T says:

    @pipe down – I though he bit his neck?
    @everyone – pipe down people. He has a right of appeal. Till the appeal is decided it may be a bit premature to brand him in this manner.
    Also, please stop contradicting yourself by claiming that Suarez was not convicted due to him being racist, and then calling him a racist all the same. If anything, LFC is supporting a player who unknowingly said a word considered offensive in England, not supporting or condoning racism.

    @LFC – please buy a striker in January. Suarez’s appeal is going to only lengthen the ban, unfortunately.

  25. e212 says:

    liverpool is pathetic

  26. Phiwe says:

    I love Liverpool and always will but this T-shirt thing was f*cking stupid. Firstly, the statement that was released just caused loads more trouble. All that should have been said was “we’re gonna help Suarez pursue whatever course of action he wishes.” That’s it. No conspiracy theories. Then the T-shirt nonsense. The idea in itself would’ve a good one IF (and a big ‘if’) it was encouraging anti-racism. Nothing to do with Suarez, the FA charge or Evra. Liverpool has just embarrassed itself astronomically in its blind support of Suarez. To everyone else, the club looks like a bunch if ignorant pricks who don’t give a rat’s arse about racism in football. I agree with Paul McGrath, if I was Glen J I wouldn’t have put that shirt on

  27. dave says:

    Its all a little embarrasing this T-shirt malarky. They obviously put little or no thought into their actions blindly supporting him,would have been better to simply say nothing.

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