Snapshot: Liverpool Are The 2012 Carling Cup Champions!

Chris Wright

26th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Back and forth, back and forth, 120 minutes, late ‘winners’, players out on their feet, last-gasp goal-line clearances, even later equalisers to brink it back from the brink and then penalties after which Liverpool emerge as the 2012 Carling Cup champions!!

Congratulations are due to Kenny and his boys for ending a six-year domestic trophy-less streak and commiserations to Cardiff. They put up a hell of a fight.

We’ll have more coverage once the dust settles tomorrow, but there’s one player I’d like to single out for praise at this juncture…

…Cardiff’s Ben Turner, who defended like a king from the first whistle to last, putting every last fibre of his being into preserving what his side had – let alone scoring the 117th-minute equaliser to take the game to penalties.

An absolute hero.

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  1. js94 says:

    AS a Liverpool fan I have to say that both Turner and Hudson were incredible, all credit to Cardiff.

  2. Sameer says:

    Chin up Cardiff. Well played.. But, well done LIVERPOOL! CHAAAAAAAMMMMPIOONNSSSS!

  3. Kacker says:

    Ben Turner was easily MOTM. Hero. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  4. man_dildo says:

    lol….liverpool….hope you enjoy your ‘mickey mouse’ cup. cuz thats what you called it when man utd won it.
    so yeah, enjoy this elite prestigious cup.

    oh btw: when liverpool were going to get their trophy, i was laughing so hard…..steven gerrard had no fuking clue where he had to go

  5. man_dildo's mom says:

    I’m sorry for my sons behaviour I know there’s no excuse but I want you all to know that I took shitloads of crack during pregnancy

  6. usrick says:

    Turner, Hudson and the whole Cardiff starting XI very much impressed this Liverpool fan. I hope they’re in the EPL next seasond.

  7. Del says:

    @Usrick: agree with you! Thoroughly enjoyed watching them play in the Carling Cup final, they have me emotionally invented now! Would love to see them in EPL next season.

    It was such an exhilarating match! Right till the very last second my they had my heart going like mad, wonderful football played, immensely enjoyable.

    Also I would like to add this: Real Madrid and Barcelona could take a lesson from watching this match. It was on the cleanest perfomances I’ve seen from 2 sides. No winging or diving or hounding the ref, it was ALL about the football. Both teams played with great dignity. Thank you Cardiff and Liverpool. :’)

  8. Del says:

    *emotionally invested
    Don’t you just hate typos cramping your style? T_T

  9. Taypot says:

    The sound of bitter mancs is music to our ears!!

  10. Kakolaki J says:

    Liverpoll congs. You Never Walk Alone. Cardiff good job, we enjoy your work even us the fan of Liverpool from tanzania Africa. Enjoy it Liverpool you deservr it

  11. Chimpo says:

    why is downing running the wrong way?

    sums up his season really!

  12. high as a kuyt says:

    @ del. apart from suarez that is…
    also a mention should go to glen johnson, who i felt played very well both in the attack and in his position. still dont know why downing was motm.

  13. Saffer Scouser says:

    man_dildo: awwww, isn’t that nice. a Manure fan with nuffink to do on a Sunday but to watch his enemy team win a trophy…guess he’ll be doing that for the FA cup too!! YNWA

  14. man_dildo says:

    lol as long as that dust storm that has hit england doesn’t prevent you on the way…you know, the dust storm that happened the moment you scouse scum opened up your trophy cabinet

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