Which three terrible Liverpool players should Rafa Benitez get rid of in January?

Ollie Irish

26th, November 2009



“Andriy, the exit is over there…”

Assuming Rafa keeps his job this season (a fair assumption: Liverpool won’t want to stump up a massive pay-off after the Spaniard just signed a new five-year contract), he’ll need to clear out some deadwood from his squad in January.

Put yourself in Rafa’s TK Maxx shoes – Which three players would be top of your ditch list? And which three players would be your ideal replacements?

Let’s ave it…

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  1. Kipp says:

    Voronin, Babel, and Dossena. Struggle to get 10m for the three. Use that to buy 3 other averaging players and continue their descent into mediocrity

  2. paul says:

    it would be easier to say which three players shouldnt get the boot

  3. Ollie says:

    Yeah, Voronin and Babel would have to be high on anyone’s list. Shame about Babel – a lot of talent, not a lot of mental fortitude.

    Replacements: David Villa (for Voronin), Stevan Jovetic (for Babel), anyone for Dossena

  4. Chringle says:

    Andriy Voronin, Sotirios Kyrgiakos, Ryan Babel, Lucas, Emiliano Insúa, David N’Gog, Philipp Degen, Damien Plessis, Nabil El Zhar, Andrea Dossena… Oh sorry, only three?

  5. The Don says:

    OUT – 1. Voronin
    2. Kuyt
    3. Lucas

    IN – 1. Villa
    2. Lennon
    3. Huntelaar

  6. Boris Ivanov says:

    Voronin,Dosena and Babel.If some club want Degen will be nice!


    instead of backing p[layers you are just suggesting who should go, for sure u are stupid

  8. Zet says:

    Dossena, Voronin and Lucas – i think these 3 players have to go. It’s time Liverpool to show the new face, so Aquilani and Jay Spearing are my hope. Liverpool needs more speed and creativity, so Rafa need to change the formation – we don’t need two defensive players – Mascherano and Lucas. Mascherano is enough.

  9. Delboy Dublin says:

    Lucas, Voronin, Babel, Kyrgiakos, Dossena, El-Zhar

    Whether he’ll find anyone dumb enough to take them is a different story

  10. Hirsty says:

    You are all living in a dream world if you think Liverpool have any chance of signing Villa. Why not replace Kuyt, Lucas, and Babel with Messi, Fabregas and Ribery while you’re at it?

  11. totti says:

    Benayoun – too ugly

  12. Kipp says:

    Yeah cos Voronin is a realll looker

  13. Topredman says:

    Only 3? Damn!

    Voronin – Sunday league pub player.
    Lucas – A crab. no ability to go forward.
    Ngog – Babel is better.

    Kuyt came close to third but he’s useful, just wish he could control the ball and score some goals.

  14. Paul says:

    liverpool fans make me laugh you are £350 million in debt yet you think you can afford Villa and why not try encouraging players instead of slating them and saying we need to get rid of them. Confidence is a big thing in football! and hearing 40,000 chearing your name can give the players the lift to play well!

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Choccy Button says:

    What gives with El Zhar? He’s a promising young player that hasn’t yet been given a fair crack at the first team. Just coming back from injury. To me he’s worth 6 -12 months yet to prove himself.

    As for the 3 to go – Voronin, Degen and Dossena

    Those 3 are based on the 3 worst players at the club. I’d keep Babel til the summer. I know what he is supposed to have said, but there’s no proof that the paper in question isn’t just making it up.

    To replace is tough. Probable limited budget means the nicetys we would like, eg Villa, Silva, aren’t gonna happy. So based on that and the need for strikers and in my opinion a commanding centre back –

    3 to come in – Van Nistelroy, Matthew Upson, Adriano

    Rumours are van Nistelroy would be up for the move, even if only on loan, Adriano is supposedly available on the cheap as well and Upson could be available with the financial struggle West Ham are having.

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. that was rather amusing says:

    why would you get rid of insua? he’s brilliant for his age.

    voronin and dossenna are givens. i think lucas, riera and kuyt because he’s getting on a bit and won’t be able to work so hard (which is his only virtue)

  19. YNWA in LU7 says:

    Good to see so many so called ‘supporters’ on here.

    Do half of you even watch the games? N’Gog? He’s a very talented young striker who needs backing and confidence, he could be very useful. Here’s a little stat:

    Prem league – Played 6, Scored 3
    League Cup – Played 2, Scored 1
    Europe – Played 3, Scored 1

    Hardly dodgy.

    Sadly I think it’s time to call on Dossena, Degen and Voronin; the three almost certainly carry a high wage and add nothing to the squad, by letting them go it lightens the wage bill and opens up the chance to bring in someone like RVN on loan.

  20. me says:

    liverpool should get rid off lucas voronin and dossena they not cabbable of doing anything and liverpool should by huntalaar and villa and silva hope they do

  21. Consi says:

    Well along with most people here I think it’s time we got rid of Voronin, just give him away because I doubt anyone will buy him. Dossena, have enough cover with Aurellio and Insua and the 3rd one is difficult. We have 6 keepers on the books, surely we could let someone go there and then I think we will have to get rid of one of our more average players to help with the wage bill. I’d keep Deggen though as cover for Johnson. I’d let Kryiakos go, with Agger, Skrtel and Carra we have enough cover and also let Babel go but only on Loan, either Babel or Riera actually. Lucas I’d keep as cover for Mascherano, but whatever happens get rid of Voronin and get someone who can score goals in on loan.

  22. Bobbly says:

    Babel Voronin Lucas

  23. Patrik says:

    Get rid off Kyrigiakos,Dossena and Degen and by a worldclass defender

  24. Anonymous says:

    IN – 1. Villa
    2. Lennon
    3. Huntelaar
    Where the hell are you muppets going to get £50M+ from? Get real.

  25. burgundsey says:

    Can’t believe there’s so much antipathy to Kuyt. Man is a workhorse, granted not the most skilful of players and doesn’t often chip in with goals, but without him Liverpool would crumble even further I fear.

    Call time on Lucas. Unproven thus far.

    Also Dossena. One of Rafa’s biggest white elephants who is about as useful as a paper spanner.

    Not convinced about Riera either. No Liverpool winger since Luis Garcia has been as productive, and Riera hogs the ball way too much.

    There are more, so many more, but to ramble and speculate incessantly
    is not the aim of this. At least without these three they stand at least a chance of regaining some of their former presige. Not to mention a slightly more favourable balance sheet, isn’t Riera’s weekly wage something scarily high?

  26. jamjam says:

    Voronin -he is just useless! sell i dont see why any club would want to buy him !!skertel -he has flashes of briliance but he not consistant we can get good money for him now sell him! Dossena – his crap !

  27. Spenser says:

    Voronin has heart but he sucks, get him the EFF out. Bring in one of these- Villa, Fabiano and maybe Pavlyuchenko for cheap as a slightly better backup.

    Dossena- get this POS out and bring any LB with a sack for backup for Insua.

    Lucas- Bring in an experienced midfielder like Esteban Cambiasso (yeah i know, not gonna happen, but still) or the like. I’m tired of Lucas’ lack of experience.

    though i’m still unsure of whehter i’d like babel or lucas. lucas at least loves the club and wants to do well. babel is a bitchy little money lover

  28. pranav says:


  29. edmond says:

    people judge players like lucas and babel ngog which are great substitutes of A team players like gerard riera mascherano, but their role is only to fill positions left vacant by injuries of first team
    and it is fair to say that players like gerard and carragher are not is the same level as previous years.then you have disastrous unluky start of the season with lot of A team players injured.BABEL is a good palyer great ball control and speed and enogh strong to fight off big defenders . ngog proved that he can do tasks wanted from him.
    and i think the problem this year with liverpool is nonconsistency of players playng together due to injuries… not beacuse of rafa or lack of form of carrager or gerard or dossena or others just one of those bad luck seasons. i dont think that big names do differnce in football that’s been proven by liverpool ex. 2 liverpool milan finals : milan had better players,expirienced and played together almost forever in top level competitions but liverpool played better more attractive and won many hearts among true football lovers and thats a fact comming from a juve man united fan. some you win some you loose thats football great games will always be remembered. and please dont say INSUA is no good or riera or dossena or ngog……..
    liverpool need omly one good creative attacking central middllefilder and you will see then how wingers like riera kuyt babel willl function when danger and playmaking commes from centre. gerard needs a good partner thats all. same problem with man united and juve.

  30. fp says:

    Kuyt Reina and Lucas… three players with not an ounce of footballing skill between them

  31. Railhawksfan says:

    Gerard, Benayun and Torres

  32. Railhawksfan says:

    but seriously…


  33. bigboned says:

    1 – Kuyt
    2 – Kuyt
    3 – Kuyt

    i don’t really know if anyone would like to buy a winger who produces nothing, tho.

  34. eV says:

    1 – Lucas
    2 – Kuyt
    3 – Babel

    Lucas is starting to play well but we have Aquilani now. His absence will allow Jay Spearing to have a decent run-out this season.

    Kuyt gives the ball away too easily. Yeah, he works hard but he cant cross, dribble, pass or anything except running!

    Babel has a lot of talent but he just has no passion for the club anymore. I wish he could stay and improve but he’s leaving sooner or later.

  35. Mark Johnson says:

    Andriy Voronin, Philipp Degen and Andrea Dossena. Reploacements would be a right back as cover for Glen Johnson, a striker such as Roman Pavluychenko(sorry for spelling) or Ruud Van Nistelrooy and a midfielder. Ideally we would like David Silva or at the opposite end of the financial spectrum, Patrick Viera.

  36. jittah says:

    well, i just looked at last years stats, kuyt scored 12 goals in the premier league, only behind torres and gerrard on the team, and was one of the only 3 players to play every game(carragher and reina were the others), so you guys want to sell a player that chips in with plenty of goals and never gets injured? personally i think hes one of the best players we have, either way kuyt is going nowhere, so you’ll just have to live with him.

  37. Josh says:



    If Masche goes, a swap deal for Toure, Bojan and 10 mill for Adam Johnson

  38. Quincy says:

    1. Babel+ Eccleston > Arshavin (should have came directly from Zenit)
    2. Voronin + el Zahr > Podolski
    3. Dossena + Itandje > Suarez

  39. greta says:

    voronin, babel, and dossena seems to be the general consensus.

  40. Lauren says:

    voronin – useless
    babel – inconsistent
    dossena – not good enough
    el zhar – not got the pace to be a winger

  41. Shayne says:

    I think we need to get rid of a couple more than 3 to get some extra cash for some new talent:
    my top 3 would be-
    – Voronin (as a bench striker you need to put the ball in the net to prove yourself- he hasn’t)
    – Lucas (Loses the ball to much and gives away free kicks in dangerous areas way too often)
    – Dossena (we already have back up for Dossena so really he is just sitting and taking a salary from LFC)
    We don’t have a budget for the likes of Villa, I would rather say look at some talent at lower teams in the EPL with the likes of Carlton Cole (just an example)

  42. marlise says:

    to rafa please please get rid dick kyut repalyce david villa

  43. Anonymous says:

    am glad dossena n voronin is gonebut if there’s another 3 player to go
    then it’ll be kuyt,lucas n old carra,make too much mistake.
    replacement should be arda turan,jeremy menez n nicoles lodeiro

  44. amy says:

    i think reira,dossena and agger cos they SUCK

  45. SOPHIE OWEN says:


  46. Renju says:

    1. Lucas — No talent, no strength, just bounces around aimlessly like molecules in brownian movement.
    2. Rafa Benitez — No brains, no will to win. Babel and Aquilani were our best players today against Fulham, and that fool took them ofand left Maxi and Ngog on inspite of the fact that they were clearly not taking us anywhere.
    3. Ngog — Give him out on loan to a championship team. Should come back a better player.

  47. Tomo says:

    Ranju i agree, Lucas & Kuyt are LFC’s downfall this season, with Rafa playing the same ***** every week, Aquilani is CLASS why play Lucas ahead of him?

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