Shit Lookalikes: Yossi Benayoun and Steve Buscemi

Ollie Irish

2nd, December 2009



Yes but no but yes but no – suitably shit. We like. Thanks to the excellently named Scott Fitzgerald (real or made-up, Scott?) for the tip.

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  1. gatz says:

    [f] scott fitzgerald is an american writer, ollie, famous for his novels in the 1920s, the most famous of which being The Great Gatsby – arguably the definitive ‘great american work’ and certainly a damn good book. He died in 1940 aged 44 from a heart attack brought about by major alcohol abuse. So i can tell you for free that either the name is made up or you have a serious ghost in your system.
    (Of course you may know this already. In which case i look like a twat, apologies.)

  2. Ben says:

    OR Getz, i know this may sound really out there but…maybe he had the same name!!!!!!!!!!! SHOCK! HORROR! No wait, thats far too outlandish to be true. How could two people possibly share the same name?? Sorry. That was a stupid suggestion. Please accept my apology

  3. Yoshitface Benayoun says:

    He looks 10 times less ugly than me in truth.

  4. rrfr says:

    Benayoun;s face reminds me of a rat

  5. gatz says:

    well there are a lot of bens – rather less scot fitzgeralds. and i accept the apology but not the sarcasm – lowest form of wit, benny boy. try harder next time

  6. benAYOUN says:

    There should be a Benayoun scale of ugliness to rate the ugliness of people from 1 to 10.

    Benayoun would of course score a 100 on it. There is no one as ugly as him. Probably even he scares himself when he sees a mirror.

  7. Rat face says:

    Benayoun the ugliest player to wear a Pool shirt official!

  8. Mike Kelly says:

    Nikolai Witschl looks and sounds like Steve Buscemi.

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