‘Alberto Aquilani is fit and wants to play for Liverpool’ – Alberto Aquilani’s dad

Ollie Irish

8th, December 2009



“Alberto is available to play and has been for more than a month. He feels good and the injury has cleared up, and now the only way he can get truly fit is to play more and more minutes. He is desperate to get his career in England up and running. He has been very frustrated, first at being injured, then at not being chosen to play for so long.”

Claudio Aquilani (Alberto’s dad, who happens to be a paramedic at AS Roma, his son’s previous club)

Two ways to see this:

1) Rafa Benitez is doing the right thing, easing Aquilani into English football very, VERY slowly so that the player is much less likely to pick up repeated injuries, a la Fernando Torres.

2) Benitez has had a good look at Aquilani and doesn’t fancy him.

Either way (I’d guess No.1 – Rafa has been burned before and is naturally an ultra cautious man), it’s all very frustrating for the Aqualini family, as well as Liverpool fans who are dying to see what £20m is worth in today’s market. However, getting your dad to pick your fights is not a good look, though perhaps Claudio spoke up without his son’s approval.

1) or 2) – what say you?

Fletch says:


“… Ma favourite Star Wars figure was the Gamorrean guard, but I played with it so much one of the arms fell off. Gutted. Oh, and that Aquilani radge looks like a diseased bush baby.”

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  1. Bafstra says:

    2/ if he was good enough, Rafa would choose him to play. But he knows that if he does, the fans will be very pissed off to discover another Lucas.
    Rafa is in hot water right now, and he just want to keep his job. He can’t afford to let another crap player of his own have his way on the pitch. If Rafa last until january, he will sign some new guys so that he won’t have to pick ‘nightmare’ Aquilani, ever.

  2. spectator says:

    definitely 1. the guy was already being called injury prone when they signed him. if he rushes him back after a very touchy injury he WILL get injured again, not because he’s prone, just because that’s what happens, particularly with ankles. imagine the reaction from the tabloids if that happened. like rafa needs that. ‘nightmare’ aquilani, be serious. when fit he’s a regular for italy, it’s not as if they’re short of class attacking centre mids. if he stays fit he’ll be brilliant. rafa is trying to make sure he stays fit, that’s it.

  3. kitamura says:

    rafa is tottaly shit manager! he is ruining the club! i hope he will get sack asap! useless manager!

  4. Jodie X says:

    He doesn’t look like a good player (I mean like Becks or C-Ron). And look at his eyes ! He’s probably on some brain-damaging drugs. Definitely a bin dipper, isn’t he ?

  5. Tom says:

    All right, you’ve already killed the Fletch Says bit.

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