Liverpool who? Says Jose Mourinho


2nd, August 2006

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The_special_oneJohn Terry recently stated that he was convinced Liverpool would be in the race for the title. Jose Mourinho doesn’t seem to agree, thinking Man Urinal and A’nal will be the ones pushing his side all the way. He said "I still believe that Man United and Arsenal will be the
biggest threat, in spite of the fact Arsenal finished fourth and
Liverpool third. They will still be the better teams. I say that because of the quality of their football, the way they play, the improvements in their squads."

The Special One continued "(Liverpool) are very competitive, it’s very difficult to beat them. If they
score a goal before you score it’s very difficult to change it because
they defend really well with 11 players very, very compact. They are tactically very good… they’re potentially
fighting for the front pack but I still fancy more the way Manchester
United and Arsenal play football."

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1 Comment

  1. Rob Carey says:

    Perhaps someone should tell him his team play horrible boring football,
    A little worried that Liverpool might just challenge this year? concentrate on your own players Jose, grow your hair back, loose the pot belly and learn how to say “Think” properly.