Football GIF: Daniel Agger Attempts Cheeky ‘Gary Crosby’ Schtick vs Anzhi MichaelaStrachan

Chris Wright

26th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

So, Daniel Agger tried the old ‘Gary Crosby’ routine against Anzhi Mahavishnuorchestra last night…

We must admit that our primal schoolboy urges came to the fore when referee Bas Nijhuis blew to disallow the ‘goal’, with fervent cries of ‘ONE HAND REF, ONE HAND’ emanating from the settee but, of course, the UEFA-sanctioned referee was perfectly correct to do so – the law being amended in 1990 after Forest’s Crosby pick-pocketed Man City ‘keeper Andy Dibble to score the only goal of the game…

Thanks to Crosby, the keeper is now deemed to be in possession and therefore unable to be challenged “while the ball is between his hands or between his hand and any surface (e.g. ground, own body), while holding the ball in his outstretched hand and/or while in the act of bouncing it on the ground or crossing it in the air.”

Now you know, and…

(GIF: Feint Zebra)