Jamie Carragher Names Steven Gerrard As Greatest Liverpool Player Of All Time – Care To Disagree?

Chris Wright

21st, January 2013


By Chris Wright

Speaking about his dearly beloved, one Steeevie Gerraaard, Jamie Carragher today spake these words: “I think we are in the presence of the greatest player ever to play for Liverpool.”

Big call. Talking to BBC Sport, Carra went on to show his working:

“People will say I am biased because we are good friends and because of the trophies we have won together, but it is a fair accolade to give him.

“There are guys like Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Ian Rush, all world-class players, but the difference was they were in a world-class team – and Stevie has not played in a world-class team.”

That’s certainly a whopper (of an opinion) Carragher is packing there. You’d get a couple of black eyes if he slapped you across the face with that thing. It’s a big ol’ call, but is it one you agree with?

The likes of Dalglish, Souness and Rush will always be revered at Anfield, while we know a lot of Liverpool fans hold the likes of Sean Dundee, Djimi Traore and Nicky Tanner in the highest of regard, but surely Gerrard – who, lest we forget, nigh-on carried the club to a Champions League, two FA Cups and a threesome of League Cups – is more than worthy of the accolade?