Michael Owen Announces Plans To Retire At End Of Season

Alan Duffy

19th, March 2013


By Alan Duffy

Stoke bench-warmer Michael Owen has decided to call it a day at the end of this season after a couple of campaigns in which he rarely got any playing time.

The 33-year-old said:

“It is with an immense amount of pride that I am announcing my intention to retire. I have been very fortunate in that my career has taken me on a journey I could only have dreamed of.”

While some will talk of a talent unfulfilled, his career is bloody impressive; Liverpool, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Newcastle and er, Stoke. Not to mention 40 goals in 89 games for England and a European Footballer of the Year gong in 2001 to his name.

It is a shame that injuries robbed him of his all-important ‘yard of pace’ and hampered a large chunk of his career. However, while Owen seems to irk a lot of people, he is worthy of a huge dollop of respect for his achievements. I guess now he can focus on his horses. Or go on Family Fortunes again.

Here’s that famous career-defining goal against Argentina ’98…

And here’s some of his best goals for Liverpool…

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  1. gamblino says:

    Michael Owen pictured aged 25 there. That Argentina goal may still be just about the one I’ve enjoyed most in my lifetime. Certainly as far as England are concerned. And I wasn’t even drunk.

  2. marajonna says:

    Absolute legend.

  3. jonno says:

    Or, in other words, “even I have been forced to accept the fact that there isn’t a club chairman in his right mind within driving distance of my house who is prepared to pay me the minimum tens of thousands of pounds every week I’d demand for sitting on the bench doing absolutely nothing, so rather than pretend to be interest in playing football for a lower league club, I’m formally announcing my unavailability for Real Madrid or England to come calling again”.

    MO announcing his retirement is perhaps the least possible significant announcement to modern football since…. “we’ll be making the balls round again this year”.

  4. Bruno says:

    Massive player. When he was at his peak, he was the best. He and the brazilian Ronaldo.

  5. jonno says:

    MO cannot attend his own press conference to announce his retirement as he’s injured himself getting dressed……………

  6. simon says:

    what will be known as the best day in football? when MO no longer plays the game or the day joey barton moved to france?

  7. marajonna says:

    @jonno and simon why the beef guys? He was magic.

  8. Tico says:

    Loved the Owen-Heskey Partnership….too bad he doesn’t want to spend a couple more season’s in the MLS or in Dubai….

  9. Mitchell says:

    Pies should do an all-time XI of players who’s injuries kept them from reaching max potential. Van Bastien, Owen, King etc.

  10. tipo 00 says:

    a player who never scored more than 19 goals in a season. wow. bye mate.

    saying he’s one of england’s best shows how bad england have been for a long time.

  11. @tipo You are absolutely right I think MO gets way to much credit. And for all the people who feel sorry for him, check his bank acount u shouldnt feel to sorry for him .

  12. marajonna says:

    He had a great career, played for some great clubs, scored some great goals, always put in 100% for his country and never came across like a flashy bastard. Ok so he likes horses and he made a lot of money, so what? There’s some really bitter people slating him for no good reason.

  13. macco91 says:

    @marajonna – tell that to the newcastle fans who saw him put his country before his club and admitted it! What Jonno said is spot on. He probably began sounding out other clubs with his agent already behind Stoke’s back and quickly realised only a handful of Championship clubs would even think of signing him, and even those would probably offer him a pay as you play deal which i think we all know how that would turn out…..

  14. I wrote a little review of Owen’s career. Seems a good time to re-read it:


  15. marajonna says:

    @macco91 so putting your country first is wrong? Players are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. The rest is speculation, no real answers as to why people don’t like him and are saying he had a bad career.

  16. tipo 00 says:

    he isn’t a great, but maybe he could’ve been if he wasn’t injured all the time.

  17. steak says:

    @marajonna ooooh michael owen friend

    Seriously though its country before club, to say otherwise is retarded.

    Also is that just one guy trolling calling him MO?

  18. TravisKOP says:

    that swap deal with madrid was probably the biggest bone head move liverpool has ever made financially

  19. macco91 says:

    @marajonna I think when a club has spent (admittedly in newcastles case with Owen over the odds) money on a player to do a job for them and pays them handsomely for it, whilst also providing both financial and emotional support for physio, surgery and other healthcare costs when they are injured, the club comes before the country

    Playing for your club is a players responsibility, playing for your country on the other hand is a privilege.

  20. marajonna says:

    @steak haha, fair enough I’m coming on a bit strong but I’m just genuinely confused why as to why people don’t like him.

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